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  1. Somalis Arab or African? Interesting topic. Let me Just say. When it comes to skin color? We are African. When it comes to religion, culture, history. We are Arab. I am a Somali, but let me just say. Somalis are a HAMATIC people who are neither Bantu nor Caucasion. Historians say the Somali people immigrated from Yemen (encarta encyclopedia). But Somalis do not have only Arab blood, they also have Jewish. The Yibir are the decendents of anicent Isrealites ( Most Somali people in appearance look somewhat Arabic and Caucasoid. 1 luv to the world.
  2. "Somalia is not perfect Neither is Somaliland" :confused: Can you tell me where in the god-damn world is a nation called Somaliland? I look at the atlas and I c Somalia ONLY. Aight? Somaliland doesn't exist in the eyes of most Somalis, African Union, Arab League, Igad, U.N, and the rest of the international community. Get over this denial of the truth. "Somaliland" better participate in the reconciliation talks in Eldoret, because they better not whine when a Somali government is made with out their consent, and they have to be forced back in a a reunion with the rest of Somalia. I was reading in the English newspaper the Financial Times on the web, saying the UN, US, and EU would put smart snactions on anyone who stages a roadblock on the peace process. Here we are trying to incorporate the Ogaden and our other Somali speaking, Islam practicing, same culture and history Somali brothers and Sisters in a united greater Somalia, and ppl talking about Somaliland, Puntland, Jubbaland. We don't need all that **** . I swear I'm god-damn fed with these ignorant Somalis. We should atleast be thinking about peace and developement, if not modern technology and defense! Na'amean?