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  1. Looks cool, but No thanks for me!! Couple years ago I bought this little MP3 player which can hold up to 20 songs for about a $100 bucks, come to find out a week later there's another model for about the same amount which can hold up to 8 days worth of songs :mad: Still recovering....
  2. Waw@ undercurrents!!! A strong one I must say....So it must be true about what they say of these boards regarding strict regulations of what can/can't be written here lol... In all fairness I do not visit this site often therefore can't tell if the poster leans towards certain clan as the person above suggests, but to put in my two cents, Adulahi Yusuf is not my President, as far as I'm concerned he is a criminal who needs to be locked away till he perishes along with all the infuriating warlords who elected him.... Now that out of the way, Clannism is indeed the mortal disease that inflicts the majority of Somalis, of it's wonderful side effects, tremendous mistrust among clans, prejudice, bigots....etc Really if you examine the root of the conflict it's trivial and yet it has caused us so much turmoil and tragedies, makes you wonder are we insane? we have everything in common from language to deen and yet we let insignificant clannism ravage our unity... :confused:
  3. Funny what some people would do :rolleyes: In any case, beautiful pictures makes me want to go visit Ethiopia.
  4. If that's all he ment, then I guess it's ok, it beats the Jaad chewing or smoking cigarettes right?
  5. lol@ Run Forest run hahaha..... I never really forget things constantly, Unless I'm on the phone I can now say it's very distracting after locking my car keys in the car couple times, changing lanes without looking, when I think about it now my hair stands :confused: ... Haddad: There are Somali girls/women in the West who on average spend a combined less than an hour/day in social activities.....Is that problem? what are you getting at...
  6. Nada

    odd facts!!!

    lol Fidel, Good one!! Will send some prayers your way Another odd fact: In Gary, Indiana, A black boy was born, some ingenious 40 yrs later, we have a white neuter pedophile :eek: The things your skin color can do to you lol
  7. Wile E. Coyote! You scored 57 Aggression, 71 Sophistication, and 57 Optimism! You've got to be kidding me!! I like Bugs Bunny better, the little devious rabbit is the IT cartoon character.... :cool:
  8. I agree with Hayaam, what gives you the right to judge people based on what their wearing?...It's a shame when people use Islam to justify their criticism of others, It seems as if Islam is the scapegoat of it's believers shortcomings. Islam is Yusr not Cusr, Take it easy guys! PS. Didn't know fag ment smoking in Brit lingo? lol....
  9. Subxaana Allah, the things the human body can endure!! for all involved that was a very noble deed masha Allah.
  10. The way you phrased your questions is very provocative, you make the wife sound like a swiming pool or the electricity bill a nuisance that comes out of your pocket....perspire, cost more to feed?...Well in answer to those questions I would answer, sucks for you!! that you have to live with her and sucks for you you can't afford her
  11. A married man has no business having a closer female freind other than his wife, for that is asking for trouble in my opinion, "best freind" phenomena is so overrated and abused. As for choosign a life mate, roughly speaking i would base it on, mutual interests and views, freindship, trust, gut feeling, and on top of that if i can have a bit of attraction tossed in there, i would be set for my matrimonial journey.
  12. Shouldn't be shocking really, it's becoming a norm, every year more and more people live in hospitals or special homes where they are taken care of, for they can't do it themselves, as a result of their excessive obesity.