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  1. i think she should go and have an afair too. it only stand to reason...what goes around comes eye for an eye, but in this case its a fock for a fock.
  2. arabnimo is nothing but a political tool used by sand niggers (arabs). i cant speak ffor anyone but i rather be a zionist than a goat focker!
  3. Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: looooooooooooooooooooooooool ...... that was hilarious man ,,,,,, Consparicy,, bring whateva it is man ,, whateva you think is Crazy website ,,,,,, ' I'm now preparing my list ,,,,,,,,,, _________________________________________________ why you keep showing that picture of the kid burning the somali flag?...say waxa kugu taagan and stop beating around the bushs.
  4. typical somalis. what can we learn from iraq and afghanistan that will do us any good, when we are the ones selling each other to the ethiopians? if we are ready to learn anything we dont need to look any further than home.
  5. Originally posted by Khalaf: ^ i had to look up what frivolity means adeer...^^I am serious about the intentions on the topic i dont get it....she wears pants, works wit men..some will be criminals....some punk may even give her a slap on the butt or haraas her...could happen she puts herself in that position..... but wont shake hands....picks and chooses.....get out of here! _________________________________________________ thats exactely the way i see this whole thing. that WPC is a hypocrite of the firt order. trying to make herself the victim and be on the news when in reality thats the last thing Muslims need.
  6. waxaan ka baqayaa hadii janadii la geeyana inay yidhaahdaan waa reer hebel Loooool
  7. we have our own problems and death to deal with so letes put the iraqi death to a side for now.
  8. oo reer sheikh *********** gormey iraq gaadhen? [ January 30, 2007, 12:47 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  9. this ne is even better. same song different video...
  10. i believe in UFOs, i have seen one not only from distance but inside too.