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  1. This Timur is foolish in his talks. I have never seen a person not speak in facts but through emotions. You make yourself look foolish
  2. The anti-Somaliland crew here are working over time. They scream negative this and that about somaliland. The question is why? My answer plan and simple is that they are dead afraid of the status this region as gotten from the world. From the U.S. to EU and AU from allies and foes, the world has seen a region develop and grow were people express in the voting blocks who will rule the country unlike some areas were i wont name lol. Anti-Somaliland crew answer this simple question if Somaliland a Terrorist secret how come its getting rewarded by the West. If the best intelligence in the world IE CIA NSA dont have issue with somaliland why on earth should we belive in an Intelligence service from an poor region. Please people use common sense lool. And lastly everybody for year now knew that the top leadership from Alshabab is from Somaliland, but now that somaliland is on the world stage the haters scream in shock in an open fact that everybody from the West to Ethiopia knew. Stop the hating stop the jeoulsy and be happy for somaliland. P.S. I heard that ethiopians got some people from Puntland. How sad.
  3. You must be joking. You cannot really believe that the word terrorist has anything to do with race or religion. The term terrorist is simple. It is anyone who is to cowardly to fight soldiers and choose to target innocent women and children instead. Hoping to "scare" or cause them "terror". The western countries may accidently kill women and children when targeting soldiers but this is never done as a goal. America is full of all races and all religions and yet you single minded muslums try and twist our love of religous and racial freedom into something bad. May god open your heart some day to all religions and all races.