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  1. xaaji, You are a troll. I am going to ignore you from here on.
  2. Xaaji, I don't think you read me right. Showans have adjusted to the new reality in Ethiopia. So should the Mogadishu Clans. Jubaland has already arrived. The President has a better chance of altering the makeup of the region if he does it within. Otherwise it will be a lost opportunity.
  3. Xaaji, It is not me but you who posts negative news about Somalia ad nauseam. Your [pseudo] nationalism will not pass the smell test.
  4. I didn't say the Mogadishu clan swayed complete power. I said almost complete power. I was referring to post Siad Bare Somalia. The Mogadishu Clans kept the rest of the country hostage through their maddening wars in the city. Slowly though, the regions started to take their destiny in their own hands.
  5. Countries in the Horn of Africa are well advised to stop thinking in terms of a zero sum game. It doesn't benefit anybody. Somalia's misfortune is the region's misfortune. Instability in Somalia is being manipulated by external forces to keep Ethiopia from building the Nile dam. Al Shabab is financed by the sheikdoms in the gulf for this exact purpose. So far it hasn't materialized. It is my wish that Somalia gets back on its feet again and play its part in the economic integration of the region. The Horn of Africa is the lest developed part of Africa. We know why.
  6. Sudan downplays negative impact of Ethiopian dam project May 30, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese government has declared that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) does not pose a threat to Sudan, disclosing existence of consultations and understandings among Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt on the project. JPEG - 19.2 kb Planned Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project (file/AP) Sudan’s foreign ministry denied statements attributed to the Sudanese ambassador in Cairo, Kamal Hassan Ali, in which he expressed Sudan’s rejection of the dam’s construction. The foreign ministry spokesperson, Abu Bakr Al-Siddig, said on Wednesday that Sudan’s ambassador to Cairo didn’t describe the Ethiopian move to change the course of the river Nile as "shocking", denying reports that Sudan and Egypt would resort to the Arab League. Al-Siddig added that Sudan’s ministry of water resources and electricity has affirmed that the Ethiopian move doesn’t impose any threat to Sudan, asserting that Sudan is committed to cooperate with Ethiopia and Egypt on issues of the river Nile’s water to serve the common interests of the three countries. Sudan’s embassy in Cairo, for its part, denied the statements attributed to ambassador by a correspondent of the Anadolu Agency, adding that they were made on May 23 which is prior to the Ethiopian decision to change the course of the river. The embassy further said that Ambassador Ali focused in his statements on the permanent and continuous coordination between Sudan and Egypt over all water issues, and relations between the two countries and the Nile Basin countries. In April 2011 Ethiopia launched construction of the $4.8 billion dam on the Blue Nile, at about 40 km east of Sudan in the Benishangul-Gumuz region. On Tuesday, Ethiopia began changing the course of the river Nile. According to a Ethiopian government official the diversion would only cover "a few meters" after which the river will continue flowing on its natural course. The chief executive officer of the state-run Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, Mihret Debebe, explained that the "dam is being built in the middle of the river; hence construction work can’t be carried out while the river is flowing". The Ethiopian official further said that changing the course of the river "would allow us carry out civil engineering works without difficulty". The construction of the dam project on the Blue Nile led to outcry from the downstream countries of Sudan and Egypt; which had control over most of the water resources using a treaty signed during colonial era. Some Egyptian news media have responded negatively to the Renaissance Dam and demanded sacking the minister of irrigation. The head of the program on Sudan and Nile basin at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS) said the approval of the minister of irrigation for the construction of the dam reflects submission and negligence as well as ignorance of the strategic repercussions of the dam, calling for dismissal of the minister. Egypt and Sudan had previously argued that the construction of the dam would negatively affect their water shares and insisted the project should be blocked, calling on international donors against funding it. However Sudanese president Omer Al-Bashir announced his support to the project in March 2012, saying his government understands the mutual benefits the project could offer Ethiopia and Sudan. Last Saturday, Egyptian minister of irrigation, Mohamed Baha Eddin, said his country is not opposed to the Ethiopian dam project as it does not impair Egypt’s interests. He told reporters that the Ethiopian prime minister emphasised his country’s eagerness to prioritise Egypt’s interests above their own. Ethiopia on 28 May held in Guba area in Benishangul-Gumuz state a ceremony to celebrate the successful diversion of the start of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Speaking at the event, president of the GERD construction council and deputy prime minister Demeke Mekonnin said the diversion of the river has been successfully done to utilise the resource for the interest of Ethiopia and the neighbouring countries. Ethiopia’s water and energy minister, Alemayehu Tegenu, also made some statements in the same direction stressing that the construction of the dam is being carried out in such a way that it maintains the mutual benefit of the Nile basin countries. He underscored that the dam would enhance cooperation and economic integration and would not do any damage to the lower riparian countries.
  7. The Somali President is fighting a losing battle. Jubaland ,for all practical purposes, is on the ground. Instead of fighting for its demise, he should work within to tweak it a bit. The days when the Mogadishu clan swayed an almost absolute power are long gone. Just as Showans of Ethiopia, the Mogadishu clans of Somalia have to adjust to the new reality. The peripheries have as much say as the center as to how the country is to be run. A genuine Federal system is required. Sophism won't do.
  8. xiinfaniin I Heard Siilaanyo or ministerial delegation from his administration will visit Jigjiga. Any truth to that? I haven't heard about, but I won't be surprised if the Hargeisa goons pay a visit to their master in Jigjiga, President Abdi Iley.
  9. The incompetent and senile leader of the Hargeisa clan is increasing becoming a pariah. He banked on the British to keep his common wealth dream alive, but that dream is turning into a fantasy. He banked on Odinga to win the Kenyan Presidency, well his Kikuyu rival has taken the trophy. He and his clan hoped Al Shabab will keep southern clans chaotically busy for years to come, but that is not looking good. He tried to flex his khat riddled muscles on his benefactors, the xabashi, they weren't impressed. Today the Hargeisa clan goons spend their time bashing their Southern clan cousins, the British and the xabashis. They are frustrated bunch.
  10. One of many Nimco Dareen songs I enjoy listening to.
  11. Hutu, ONLF has many factions. One of them is Admiral Osman's. It is losing support at speed of light. Xaji Troller-In-Chief Borat, Stop making an azz of yourself.
  12. Are you talking about the woman who was caught lip-singing when she was attacked at the stage during her Nairobi event? Don't pretend as if you don't know her. Not condoning Lip Syncing but many artists do it. She just got caught in a cruel way. Still, that doesn't take away her immense talent. I hope it was a learning experience for her.
  13. Cawaale;906188 wrote: LOL@ the title of the thread. The queen of Dhaanto kulahaa. Carry on sxb. And Oh Happy Christmas to you. It's Jan 7th. It is not so a happy day. My kids get Christmas presents the second time in less than a month .
  14. Hutu, I know she made the comment earlier on in an interview. But it is still relevant today. It shows the end is near for Osman's faction. Xaji Borat, Forget TPDM, Genfo 7 and the rest of riffraff. Ethiopian forces can penetrate deep inside Eritrea and take out shabia forces at will. These are some of shabia prisoners of war from a recent punishing incursion into Eritrea. Magnanimous that the Ethiopian government is, it sent them back to Eritrea. Those who didn't want to return were allowed to stay in Ethiopia .
  15. Nimco Dareen, Somali music superstar, denounced Osman's ONLF as terrorist.