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  1. Originally posted by Suldaanka: Some ministers who finished their work in Dhahar along with a number of armed security vehicles have returned to Ceerigabo. As usual, vehicles that are carrying Government Ministers drive at high speeds and do not stop over at villages. The SL armed forces are still stationed in their positions in Dhahar. Highspeed chase on Sanaag roads is more likely.
  2. Yup I heard Sland militia where in Xafuun running over them fisherman. Today Xafuun, tommorow Burtinle and in a fortnight Kismaayo.
  3. I am waving the white flag for my brave and valiant Slander brothers. I have already contacted bossaso and I am awaiting your arrival at my hotel, the juba hotel. 2 nights accomadation with all the fixings.
  4. 21 gun salute to the people banned. Especially Xalane, Pi and Radamiir. Champions of the cause of governance and stability. Hope to see you fellows in another life. Jaylaani Let's go raptors OLOL and Alle ubahanee I got love for you famz. Keep the cause going in another forum for another day. 21 gun salute to my fallen brethren.
  5. I think that mans name is Cali Ismaaciil Cabdi Giir. He is a wasiir.
  6. ^ The same happens in India. They get treated like dirt in sweat shops.
  7. Mystic What you don't understand is the connotation behind such comments. Don Imus is from the south. You live in Utah. You know how Southern White folk act. In the south white american men used to call their female servants, when in need of sexual gratification, "Nappies".
  8. Jimcaale The other radio host who was in the news was Michael ray richardson. He said jews were "Crafty". Then he got the plug. No Sponsorship's gone, or 2 week suspension.
  9. Tone I don't know what you are trying to say, but there is no conspiracy. Mr Dugsiye claims Awdal as his home province. He is by all intents and purposes from the non SNM clans of the former British Somaliland.
  10. Originally posted by OLOL: [QB] people who want to have or see a government of some sort established in Somalia are few parasites who thrive on nepotism and corruption. So only crazy people want government and those who love anarchy are fighting for justice? That is logic that looters and occupiers of land have. Somalis rebelled and stood up to such systems led by such men. Through the last 17 years of civil war and insanity, the Somali business community thrived astronomically thanks to no government intervention of the market dynamics. There were no taxation, no tariffs and no limitations of trade and commerce. Thousands of Somalis abroad also contributed a hefty amount of money into this unregulated and booming market. Somalis rebelled a dictatorship. Any Somali would tell you that. Only people who are making a crap load of money thorugh illegal means would tell you they don't want to be taxed. Taxation helps build schools, hospitals, and security apparatus. Those who don't want this are something else. Call that whatever, but that is what most Somalis want. No corruption, no nepotism, no big brother. Some Somalis are natural born entrepreneurs, while others are lazy leechers. The ones who advocate for government are leechers who can't earn their livelihood in a free-market based economy. They have limited creativity and probably were never thought to work to survive. These are here with us in the Diaspora and sit idle and collet welfare. Free market or not, having a government in whatever form is the way the world works. No government means there are no schools. Atleast not free ones, that I suspect you have taken advantage of in the west. Only the rich survive in Somalia (Relative to Somalia). Your average Cambarro and Cali will not be educated which in turn leads to a whole generation like the generation we've had for 17 years. Government's have been taxing people since forever. Cumar ibn Khattab (RA) enforced this well manshallah. The business-minded Somalis are working hard as professionals, rising college kids, buying trucks, have investment pools and travel as far to China, Hong Kong, Thailand and have their financial base in Dubai. Somalis are venturing to open business opportunities in remote places as Mali, Chad, Gabon. Some are even braving in the gang-filled slums in South Africa to run shops and make money. None of these people want to see a big government in Somalia. Notice that these Somalis are making money in places with government. The only ones who benefit from no government are the scrap merchants and looters who occupied and filled there stomachs with 17 years of Xaraan ku naax lacag and bililiqo.
  11. Col Garam Garam Col Saciid Dheere Gen Madoobe Gen Sankatabte and all the other commanders of the police and army should be commended.
  12. That is true. He was patient when we had no police. Now he is in action when we do. He has helped somalia with leaps and bounds like never before.
  13. He's a committed man. Now he has many police at his disposal. Unlike before when there were no police. Somalia now has police in all Major towns.
  14. ^ You should ask Suleyman Dugsiye from Awdal.
  15. http://www.awdalnews.com/wmview.php?ArtID=8712 I remember SNM's crimes against my people I remember ….. Waan xasuusanahey ...... Je me souviens Celebrations have been going on this week for the formation of the SNM. SNM members, representatives from the office of SNM appeasement of the government of Somaliland, heads of parties with multiple personalities and SNM supporters gathered. Speeches of SNM appeasement and false stories of heroism were delivered. In the speeches not a single person had the guts to mention the immoral crimes committed by the SNM. I remembered the date in my own way and this writing is about the criminal acts of the time as committed by the SNM. May the civilized world know and remember that thousands of my uncles and aunts would have been living in this world today? May the youth of the world know that thousands of my nieces, nephews and cousins would have been in their prime years of life this week? And thousands of them would have celebrated their birthdays or weddings this year or yester years. May the scholars of the world know that thousands would have graduated from Amoud University? May the senior citizens of the world know that thousands of my uncles and aunts would have become grand parents this year or yester years. May the world know that, that never happened and will never happen just because of some criminals called SNM who went into rampage and killed them for no apparent reason? Surfing the net this morning, I saw the pictures of the criminals celebrating, smiling and in a party mode. But saw none of my people when I looked around and remembered that they were gone for ever. I saw old men in their fifties, sixties and even seventies with grey beards happy for their criminal acts in which they killed four, five, six and seven years old babies. I saw old men celebrating for their killings of defense less old men and women. I saw shame, disgrace and sickness on their faces. I held back my tears and read some of the lies they said in the speeches. After I read some of their garbage speeches, I nodded my head in outrage, cursed them but prayed for my people. May Allah (SW) give you peace in your graves May Allah (SW) shine and widen your graves and may Allah give patience to those you left behind. The disgraced SNM speeches were nothing but the usual nonsense. They said what they wanted to say and laughed as they wished. They congratulated each other But I have a message for them from the now grown up orphans. People may you open your ears and hear it loud and clear: “Ninba waa mare maalin taaduun meel ad eediyo yey mus kula korin.” Unlike you (SNM), people with something in between their ears believe that there are two sides to every coin as there should be two sides to your stories. You told the one that pleased you but never did tell the other version of the story. You had no guts to say loud what you whisper to each other. You chose to ignore to even recognize your sense less crimes let alone to apologize. You hid the facts and never told how you dared to do what you did. But let me remind you how things happened. You crossed the border with your Ethiopian friends and killed indiscriminately. As to your other claims, I believe that it was just a case of: “Budkii iyo bisadii kulmey.” I know that, because I remember and will always remember. In your speeches you hid what you did, but facts can not be hidden or distorted. We will keep it alive. We will always remember our people (your victims). We will always read to our children what happened as bed time stories. I remember and here I tell the world your crimes: You committed acts with intent to harm, destroy and damage and that is crime. You killed thousands of defenseless people and that is crime. You caused bodily harm to innocent people for no apparent reason and that is crime You deliberately inflicted on innocent people conditions of life calculated to bringabout its physical destruction and that is crime. You destroyed mosques for no logic reason and that is crime. SNM forces did all that and more. Your immoral acts were never mentioned in the speeches but I remember and will always remember. Awdal baan ku dhaartee Waan xasuusanahey oon xasuusnaan waligey. I remember the carnage in Borama. I remember the looting in Awdal. I remember the cries of the babies and their mothers. I remember the suffering of the old men and women in Dila. I remember your burning the farms and the houses in Qalooc and the mosques which you destroyed with heavy artillery. I remember your stories of how you could not differentiate between the mosques in the villages and the Afweyne mansion in Mogadishu. I remember what you did in Zeila. I remember how you treated the innocent people of the villages of Awdal. I remember your coming with the Ethiopian soldiers and I remember your laughing with them. I remember the enjoyment on your faces while rampaging in the streets of Borama. I remember all that and will always remember and tell the world your shameless acts. You (SNM) claim that out of your madness a state was born, but I remind you that it could not have been created with out Awdal and can not exist with out Awdal. You dream of one day ruling the country, and I assure you by then to not count on Awdal. You try to cover up your acts, and I assure you that I expose them. You are showered with praise, I assure you that I will be there to condemn you. You refuse to apologize and recognize your crimes, I then remind you the message: “ Ninba waa mare maalin taaduun meel ad eediyo yey mus kula korin.” Suleiman Abdi Dugsiye Ottawa Sdouksi@gmail.com
  16. Bambo I agree saxiib. These men should be outwitted. Hopefully a go recourse is taken. These guys want fighting.
  17. Paragon This is dad's knowledge passing from one generation to the other. Bambo I agree we need to build a nation, but you can't do that with looters and merchants who for 16 years pulled off the basic framework of Somalia's beautiful landmarks for a few pennies here and there. Security is a must and the nation will build from there inshallah.
  18. ^ I am smoking logic. You are smoking some desperate hashiish my friend. Go defend the bililiqo. Fight for the cause.
  19. ^ Your hope for the bililiqo of Nabadoon and the posession of ill gotten gains to remain in the status quo is funny. That is sad and also my boggling to say the least. You should fight in the battle field so Nabadoon bililiqo can keep his 4 acre farm in Somalia and you can taste the jihad of these noble men.
  20. The place needs some more grass and horticultural work.
  21. ^ Yeah I am funny. When the situation plays out a lot of characters will only have humour to subside there beatings.