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  1. BALLBREAKER-MENBEWARE thanks fo da warning da braada cuz i was finna holla atchu....shooo am stay far away from yo....By da way is you related to Pam? cuz da over grown forehead girl was talkin bout ball breakin
  2. Originally posted by Lefty: Have you guys ever seen the movie called Pootie Tang ? If not, you should all go and rent it right now. Pootie ( Lance Crouther) is my favour comedian and also my ultimate hero. A cool walking and a smooth talking..he's just a role model for all people. LOL. ---- no no no no.......POOTIE was straight wack....I mean i seen better movies before. Chris Rock straight lost dis one....ol marty mah warned his skinny annarixec azz not to do this....but did he listern to marty mah...nah.... but ya go see da next Bad Boys comin soon.
  3. wasup!!!!!! Marty mah aint gonna get no appreciation up this mug?
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :eek: :eek: :eek: Damn homey!!!!!!! wasup wit dat bulldog looking mofo? I can see why people find him funny...ha ha ha ha ha.....Dat grill got tears comin down my cheeks.....dat pic is a comedy in itself
  5. aaaaaaaaah damn girls......marty mah aint gonna let dat happen like that....*stomping on the ground* got to bring harder than that baby. Am bee in your grill all day baby.....its on and poppin
  6. damn its on, you aint gotta tell marty mah twice. *stretching legs*. Who winning so far? *doin jumpin jacks* Come on yall bring it on?
  7. well well, i see that ol marty mah got some nomad luv. Damn I didn't know that yall could catch my shows back in somalia? Dats modern day technology, instead of live in ur living room, you guys got live in ur mad huts. Men forget da rest of dem nikkas, marty mah be da real one. But i got give it up to Richard Pryor cuz that nikka was my hero. well got go nomads *jogs of in a sweatsuit*
  8. there was a white man chinese man and a black man they all went to a magical bridge that was 50 thousand feet in the air and whateva you said when you jumped off you would turn into so the white man thought real long and jumped off and said eagle *poof* he turned into a eagle and flew away the chinese man thought real long and jumped off and said sparrow *poof* he turned into a sparrow and flew away the black man already knew what he wanted to be so he jumped off but when he did he looked down and saw the eagle and sparrow flying and he said ooooooooooooooo sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ttttttttttttttttttttt *poof* he turned into a pile of sh!t There are 4 guys on a boat (1 cuban, 1 chinese, 1 Russian, and 1 Canadian). The cuban guy pulls out a box of cuban cigars, and lights one of them up and throws the rest in the ocean. The rest of the guys are "What the **** you doing!?!?!", he answers "We got so much of those in my country". The Russian pulls out a bottle of Vodka, takes a sip, and throws it out. They all yell at him, and he says, "What?... we have all of those in my country". Then out of nowhere the canadian dude throws out the Chinese guy and yells we have too many of you in my country!!
  9. Aye listern to this sh1t. I was at this party they was throwin for stevie wonder out in L.A and the D.J started playing Busta Ryhmes song put your hands where my eyes can see. I mean wasup wit dat. Homie dat was some funny sh1t to see people jammin forgeting that stevie cant see. This other day I was joggin outside my house. You know its an all white neighbourhood when the water sprinkler start runnning and all you can here it saying spic spic spic chink chink nigguh nigguh nigguh Why do they still celebrate Fathers day? Aint that some sh1t. You know every kid in the hood is gonna be confused as hell wonderin why he/she is celebratin fathers day.
  10. Originally posted by Ilhaam: Loool!...Bobby/Martin...aren't you tired of switching back and forth? & What's the point of all this?...You know you're just wasting space. :confused: :confused: *looks left and right :confused: * who invited your non famous azz to diss post? Dis convo is between me and bobby b so yo needsta see your self out da door and odnt let it slam on you *slams the door*
  11. How many Jews can you fit in a car? 2 in the front, 2 in the back, and about 6,000 in the ashtray Who is the greatest Jewish cook ever? Hitler What's 12 inches long, hard and white? Nothing, it only comes in black How do you know if a Chinese person has robbed your house? Your homework is done, your computer is upgraded, but two hours later, the fucer is still trying to back out of your driveway. What do you call 2 mexicans playing basketball? Juan on Juan Why isn't there a Mexican Olympic team? Every Mexican that can run, jump or swim is in America How do you swat 200 flies at one time? Hit an Ethiopian in the face with a frying pan. What do you call an Ethiopian with a yeast infection? Quarter pounder with cheese.
  12. *shrugs shoulders* dat had me chuckling here and there but not enough to have Marty Mah rollin on da ground. Wut dis need is some improve similar to my style you feel me *jogs off the thread*
  13. :cool: *rolls up the cess* *smokes it* YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sho you right! Sho you right! I ain't had nuthin like this since Play brought some hydro to the House party set!! You need to try this Cole for real maaaan! *turns around* :eek: OH SNAP!!! PO-PO IS ON YOUR AZZ BOBBYYYYYY!!! *fumbles blunt*
  14. Yeah I understand, messing with Whitney would make a niqqa crazy. I don't mean to s**t on your lady bruh but DAAAAAYUUUUM! What happened? She ain't half the dime she used to be. And f**k that small time bamma Jaimee Foxx. He got some skills ya know, I might chuckle here and there, but he ain't no Marty Mar ya know? The man is just a copycat who the he could blow up when I left the TV scene. His show wasn't s***. He chasin that Fancy broad around like a little azzhole. And he had that crumy azz Garrett Morris as his father or whatever. I already fired that niqqa cause he was a waste of good money! f**K Jaimee Foxx maaaaan! I gotta role, but I holla at you tomorrow niqqa. Gotta get home to my babaaay. *takes joint and runs through LAX*