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  1. Marines carry M16 automatic rifles. Listen you skinnies, you need to get laid more often!
  2. I find women who are slender and usually wear jeans very sexy! wuh wuh wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. Her ass has to be tight, legs long, lips soft, [naaso bocor ah] awj!
  3. Taqwa, It seems to me that your sole purpose is to provoke people who post on the forum. You always project in your writing that you are someone of high moral authority. Ok, I understand you base most of your opinions on what you know about Islam. Can you for once post an opinion without any reference to Islam? As you know most of us are believers and what one believes is privy to him or her. It is nobody’s business. It’s great that you are a proponent of Islamic values. However, forcing that into people’s throat is rather unproductive it seems to me. My aim is not to criticize you but to make a suggestion. View this merely as an entertainment medium. Take it easy and have fun along the way. Miss L, if you are serious about becoming a model and think you have got what it takes then go for it. I suggest that you consult with other Somalis who are in the business. If you are from Toronto, I heard there is a Somali model living there. Iman could also be helpful if you can contact her. I’ve seen her help aspiring Somali models. Check her web site Good luck and be careful!
  4. Back home, this was never talked about. Reason being that it was shameful to discuss such things. There are gay men and women in our community but they don't publicly say so because of fear of rejection or humiliation. The fact is we are living in a different world than we used to where under the banner of 'diversity' it is ok to lead an ulternative life-style. I am not gonna judge if someone decides to sleep with someone of the same sex; it is their prerogative. I know in our conservative culture this is unacceptable but ultimately it is the individual that has control over what they do with body.
  5. It is an instant gratification. I've been abroad for 12 years and I have yet to buy a used car let alone a new one. Well, there are known factors that attract people to buying luxurious cars. For instance, easy financing, low interest rates sometimes 0% and the fact that you don't have to have a well paying job to qualify but just a job that pays the bills. Therefore, it should not be a surprise to see people with brand new cars. If they think it is worth, so be it.
  6. If we cannot have babies, we would adopt a child. I would never leave my wife for something like that. It may even make us much closer than we were before.
  7. Never liked women who played hard to get. To me that is a sign of insecurity and weakness. As far as sex goes, seems to me that Somali women act like they don't want sex...please. What is the point of being together then? It is a part of it. Yeah! One more thing. Those women who complain that if they have sex with a Somali guy he will talk about them I say to you bullshit! That is an excuse to date outside your community and hide your kinky sex endevours.
  8. I don't know what you are talking about admin! Sorry.
  9. Blue, please respect our site and other and stop posting nonsense like that. This is not the first time that we deleted or edited your post. We warn you for the third time Thank You Somalia Online --------------------- I am *********. [This message has been edited by Admin (edited 04-17-2002).]
  10. I don't like people who fart in public. biiiiiq! ufffff