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  1. What happened? What happened to the ummah once known so well? Our greatness was known, but now can you tell? Our Masaajid are empty, but our refrigerators are stocked. We've lost our deen, but we feel secure, our mansions are locked. What happened to the ummah once known so well? Our greatness was known, but now can you tell? Our chrildren don't know even how to pray. "but hey, little Mo got an A in Physics, so I guess that's OK." What happened to the ummah once known so well? Our greatness was known, but now can you tell? We sleep through fajr, but are up for the world cup. "What go to the Mosque? Brother I'm busy filling my pocket up!" What happened to the ummah once known so well? Our greatness was known, but now can you tell? Children in Africa are starving and thus can't even afford to cry. "What? Sorry I missed that, I was on my cell, but go on I just said good-bye." What happened to the ummah once known so well? Our greatness was known, but now can you tell? We used to smile at each other with faces full of light. Now we frown at each other, we bicker and we fight. What happened to the ummah once known so well? Our greatness was known, but now can you tell? The Quran has left our hearts and is stranded hanging on our walls. "Brother what was that, did you say something about a mall?" What happened to the ummah that was once so fare? "Forget the ummah, man I don't even really care!" But our sisters in Chechnya are raped, beaten and left alone just weeping! "Brother, I got to go, my pager is beeping............." by shiek MASOOD
  2. The Map to Paradise Its hard for a bird to fly through the air with water on its wings. What about us flying to Jannah, when its the whole world that we cling? We have the map to Paradise, yet behind our backs it gets hurled. The path to Jannah gets abandoned out of love for this world. Left and right Muslims are selling their faith for temporary pleasures. Because many have lost sight of the Jannah and its everlasting treasures. There's only one path to Paradise, and following vain desires is not the way. Its time to turn back to Allah's map, there's more to this life then just play. Its a blessing to be a Muslim; considering how many others are lost. Yet the title of a Muslim is nothing if our submission we have tossed. This life is so short; come on listen up, this aint some sort of joke. If we don't get our acts together, in the next life we may go up in smoke. Lets turn back to Allah, come on, lets not waist another day. Lets get back on track. Oh Allah, from the true path, don't let us sway! Lets seek our help from Allah, we got to follow Him as much as we can. If your not using the map to Jannah; where are you going, what's your plan? This life is so short, lets wake up and see where were heading. We have the map to Paradise, so on it lets get up and start treading. The web of a spider is weak, yet it overpowers the fly. This dunyah is worthless, so don't let its web catch your eye. salaam
  3. lovely me


    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool moti.. iam still loughing.. that is funny.
  4. hey sweet sis...loooool if you want to join CIA. you have to bee a blindy and blou eyes then you qualify for the duty...
  5. hey sweet sis...loooool if you want to join CIA. you have to bee a blindy and blou eyes then you qualify for the duty...
  6. hey sweet sis...loooool if you want to join CIA. you have to bee a blindy and blou eyes then you qualify for the duty...
  7. hey sweet sis...loooool if you want to join CIA. you have to bee a blindy and blou eyes then you qualify for the duty...
  8. aiya boredom is a luxury these days u know.....enjoy the boredom....catch up on sleep u dunno how lucky u are..... with exams and last term papers to write .....I don't have time to feel bored! but since u r asking....go watch your nails grow....that should be interesting!! hehehrhreheh nah read a book or surf the net.... reading should be the least boring thing to do becuz it engages your mind, on condition that the book is a good read! start a new hobby, catch up with friends, or go jogging keeps u fit and refreshed and can pass the time! so there!
  9. the best somalia poety would be sayid mohamad cabdile hassan althougt i don't know where he is from..... peace out
  10. hi everyone!!!! i would like to share with u this peot.. please read..and tell me what you think of it.. They call my people blood thirsty terrorists blowing up buildings and planes with dynamite tied to their chests killing civilians by the hundreds -but am I a terrorist? True, some of my people of names similar to mine do act violently in despair when their human rights are stolen when their suffering and plights are ignored in the refugee camps of Sabra and Chatala. - but am I a terrorist? They are not living their faith just acting on emotions and hate full with the revenge for the oppressor with little regard for innocent lives they are just Muslim in name -but am I a terrorist? Islam, the religion of peace teaches Muslims to respect life "If anyone had killed one man except in lieu of murder and mischief it is as if he killed the whole mankind" Same verse in Torah and Quran too by the same God -how could I be a terrorist? Prophet Mohammad, Peace be upon him was a mercy to mankind he cared for the poor, elderly and sick even if not from his faith he stood in respect for a funeral procession of a Jew he let a cat take a nap on his robe not to disturb her, he cut his robe He told Muslim armies not to hurt women and kids sick and old, cut trees or kill animals just for fun I love him so much -how could I be a terrorist? But why do they call us terrorists? why not call the IRA, Red Army, Tamil Tigers Militant Hindus or Serbians terrorists. Why not call the militia blowing up government buildings and killing innocent civilians a terrorist No, the term is reserved for Muslims - and I am a Muslim. We are the victims of terrorism in Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia and Kosova by individuals and states with knives, guns, tanks and rape -who is a terrorist? I remember Serb soldiers came to my house they killed my father and my big brother too I miss them so much. They raped my mom and my sister too. I loved them so much. Then they burned my house, my books and toys too - and they call us terrorists. I got scared, and fled into the woods joined a caravan going to the border migrating from oppression to a land of peace and freedom I have walked two days and climbed a mountain I am hungry and thirsty, tired and sick My legs are weak and my feet are bleeding unable to walk anymore - do I look like a terrorist? I am not a terrorist I am a Muslim seeking love, peace and justice My name is Mehmet Poturvic I am a 6 year old from Kosova Dear God, please help me and my people. "You alone I worship, from you alone I seek help" Shahid Athar April 18, 1999 Presented at an interfaith conference on 4-18-99 on "Islam and Terrorism" at the Islamic Society of North America, Plainfield, Indiana.
  11. born in banaadir hospital and raised in MALI...
  12. born in banaadir hospital and raised in MALI...
  13. og war waa dhamaysay...August welfare money is doubled? waraaa we are n't that cheap..loool.
  14. Love me now !!!!! If you are ever going to love me, Love me now, while I can know The sweet and tender feelings That from true affection flow. Love me now While I am living. Do not wait until I'm gone And then have it chiseled in marble, Sweet words on ice-cold stone. If you have tender thoughts of me, Please tell me now. If you wait until I am sleeping, Never to awaken, There will be death between us, And I won't hear you then. So if you love me, even a little bit, Let me know while I am living, So I can treasure it.
  15. I would like for all men regarless of race to answer this! Just to let women know heh! you want the same thing women want/and there are good men out there!!!!!!!!!! A SISTA' 2 MANY; BUT WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR; I SEE A QUEEN.
  16. loooooooool clown.....Jamaica guys are so fine... cambodia guys are so short and small eyes sometime you wonder how they see things.. best looking guys are: somalia MALI AFRO american kenya south africa Chad Guinea Tanzania Ethiopia Uganda brazil peru
  17. aaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeen !!!!! waraaa leave the girl alone aight.... no one wants to eat a Monkey brains ...yeeeeq! yaah almost forget you are the chanse boy.
  18. Saynab walaalo I'm so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. MAY ALLAH BLESS HIS AND OTHER'S SOUL...
  19. I loved reading the information from this debate. It exposes some interesting thoughts about how men and women think... differently. I don't think that it is a matter of changing the man that you are with. It should be how do you communicate your needs and desires. No man is perfect. We should not be trying to make them into something that we picture the perfect man to be. After coming out of a very bad marriage, I realized that you have to be willing to compromise and communicate. I am certain that there are areas in my life where I am less than what he desires in a wife, but we work on it. It comes down to respect. If you respect each other there are no hurdles that you cannot over come. I think that if you are willing to talk openly about what bothers you or what you might want your husband to change, and be willing to listen to what he might have to say about you, you might see marked changes in your relationship. I personally would not want to change my spouse. He is his own person as am I. We both bring things into our marriage that are constructive and instructive even if we do not know it. He has helped me in many areas of my life. I wouldn't change a thing. now cabish said love$me!!!!!!!!
  20. life's too short to cry over one guy!!! Hmmmm I dont think there is no cure to help u fall out of love...I guess with time your heart begins to heal and that is when your heart begins to move on...I think with me the only way I could get my mind off of my love is to keep myself occupied by going out and being with great friends..and its true when you alone its your thoughts that seem to keep you company so stay active and keep your self busy..all the best to you sis..
  21. I have been hanging around the Internet now about years, but it feels like a 1000years. I have met people from all around the world, and some of them have become my friends. However, Internet friends come and go. Everyday you meet new people and forget those you have exchanged only a few words with. But I do have some permanent friends. For example,do i have to name them. .nooooooooooooooooooh... The most amazing thing about having a relationship on the Internet is that you can see inside the person you are talking with. Online, you are talking with your soul and brains, not with your body and words from your lips. Face to face, you often speak needless words, but on the Internet, you're writing your thoughts without having to be afraid that your face shows something wrong or that you're going to start stuttering when saying something sensitive. Well, this is my story and my opinions. From my point of view, having a romance on the Internet is wonderful and very rewarding.
  22. I'm laughing so must that I fell out of the chair.. LOL The Images of Mother 4 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mommy can do anything! 8 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot! 12 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mother doesn't really know quite everything. 14 YEARS OF AGE ~ Naturally, Mother doesn't know that, either. 16 YEARS OF AGE ~ Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned. 18 YEARS OF AGE ~ That old woman? She's way out of date! 25 YEARS OF AGE ~ Well, she might know a little bit about it. 35 YEARS OF AGE ~ Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion. 45 YEARS OF AGE ~ Wonder what Mom would have thought about it? 65 YEARS OF AGE ~ Wish I could talk it over with Mom. regards bint
  23. i love this poet ...... EBONY SEED I come from beyond the Atlantic, and the Sahara, From the savannah lush lands of the cradle of humankind, You and I first incubated and hatched there. But, like you, I am here now, Fruit of College Conference Committee's commitment to diversity. Congratulations! The fruit is here, ripe and ready, Skin the color of mahogany, Hair short, curled tightly to the head. Ebony fruit is here, To sprout and sprawl So you're sure of home made pianoes, Your own black and white keys! Your own symphony, made in Africa! Now that I'm here, ebony seed, Get rid of your monotonous cactus weed, Just spray gentry, sprinkle generously Ebony seed of diversity is here To hybrid and upgrade your crops........ */.*/.*/.*
  24. gay in somalia community :confused: :confused: !!!!!!
  25. wooooooooow bro it is evey nice poet... and i love it... thank you !!!!