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  1. This map is more realistic than the nonsense Salaax is posting Maybe he'll have a successful career as a fantasy writer
  2. Keep dreaming Fox News....you have know how to distinguish your fantasies from real life
  3. Typical propaganda from Fox New's somali correspondent Saalax
  4. Who? This guy doesn't even have authority to end fighting in the capital let alone another country
  5. The famous reporter from Fox News, Salaax, is working overtime to try to make people forget that Somliland celebrates its 27th anniversary of restored independence from the collapsed Somali republic. For the PL boys, I'm sure that once their administration stops issuing their salaries (as usual) they'll be back in their home villages
  6. Funny how my own kin in Sanaag are telling a completely different story Fox News is looking to hire new reporters and I encourage you to apply
  7. Apparently a brief audio clip of questionable authenticity is supposed to pass as evidence of clan warfare lol Typical Salaax...your desperation to fabricate news grows the closer we get to May 18
  8. The only thing that has broken down is Salaax's sanity Keep writing your fantasy fiction lol
  9. Typical Salaax. Making mountain appears when there are only ant hills. There is nothing in the video that even comes close to your wild and desperate claims. I find it funny that the closer we get to May 18th Salaax puts his false propaganda into overdrive...just sit back and enjoy the jubilations across the united, sovereign and strong republic of Somaliland
  10. This didn't take place outside Zeila. If you do a simple reverse image search on google you'll see that this picture was taken at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan
  11. The only nonsense is your pathetic grasp on reality My fellow Sanaag countrymen are wrapped in green white and red
  12. Another coffee shop president? This is getting even more hilarious I heard anglicized "Martin" was going to hold a cabinet meeting but the Starbucks manager told them they had to close the shop
  13. Keep my community out of your mouth. The patriotic people of Sanaag have no respect for you or anyone that attempts break their strong bonds with Somaliland
  14. Nice try. I know forum rules. Qabil names are strictly prohibited. The most important thing is that I am from Sanaag and that my community is loyal to the Republic, almost as loyal as you are to putting imaginary nails in coffins