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  1. This map is more realistic than the nonsense Salaax is posting Maybe he'll have a successful career as a fantasy writer
  2. Keep dreaming Fox News....you have know how to distinguish your fantasies from real life
  3. Typical propaganda from Fox New's somali correspondent Saalax
  4. Who? This guy doesn't even have authority to end fighting in the capital let alone another country
  5. The famous reporter from Fox News, Salaax, is working overtime to try to make people forget that Somliland celebrates its 27th anniversary of restored independence from the collapsed Somali republic. For the PL boys, I'm sure that once their administration stops issuing their salaries (as usual) they'll be back in their home villages
  6. Funny how my own kin in Sanaag are telling a completely different story Fox News is looking to hire new reporters and I encourage you to apply
  7. Apparently a brief audio clip of questionable authenticity is supposed to pass as evidence of clan warfare lol Typical Salaax...your desperation to fabricate news grows the closer we get to May 18
  8. The only thing that has broken down is Salaax's sanity Keep writing your fantasy fiction lol
  9. Typical Salaax. Making mountain appears when there are only ant hills. There is nothing in the video that even comes close to your wild and desperate claims. I find it funny that the closer we get to May 18th Salaax puts his false propaganda into overdrive...just sit back and enjoy the jubilations across the united, sovereign and strong republic of Somaliland
  10. This didn't take place outside Zeila. If you do a simple reverse image search on google you'll see that this picture was taken at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan
  11. The only nonsense is your pathetic grasp on reality My fellow Sanaag countrymen are wrapped in green white and red
  12. Another coffee shop president? This is getting even more hilarious I heard anglicized "Martin" was going to hold a cabinet meeting but the Starbucks manager told them they had to close the shop
  13. Keep my community out of your mouth. The patriotic people of Sanaag have no respect for you or anyone that attempts break their strong bonds with Somaliland
  14. Nice try. I know forum rules. Qabil names are strictly prohibited. The most important thing is that I am from Sanaag and that my community is loyal to the Republic, almost as loyal as you are to putting imaginary nails in coffins
  15. Well in that case let me be clear enough that a simpleton clown like you can understand: My community has has vehemently and wholeheartedly pledged our allegiance to Republic of Somaliland of which Sanaag is an integral, indivisible and proud part this independent nation. I thought Cowke was the biggest bag of BS to post on this forum but this Salaax is giving him some real competition
  16. Bahahahahahaha another desperate attempt by Salaax to twist the narrative.....and a rather sloppy one at that. As someone from Sanaag myself, let me say that the foolish Saalax does not represent the views of my fellow Sanaag people who are true Somaliland patriots at heart. Salaax, your bitter, petty and embarassing rhetoric does not speak for us.
  17. Even if he isn't a Gaal (which I highly doubt) I have no respect for anyone who would willingly anglicize their name to assimilate with other Gaal. If that's you're saviour to "nail the coffin" for Somaliland then you're truly desperate Let this Martin continue playing his coffee shop government role play. He might even want to play the board game RISK after he inevitability fails at this dead end game lol
  18. Word on the street is this guy is a gaal and would therefore never be accepted Regardless, I don't know why we're even talking about this coffee shop government lol. Just more comedy propaganda by our deranged friend Saalax. Maybe one day I'll take his rantings seriously when he starts talking coherently.
  19. I would argue that since the vast majority of Somaliland population is below the age of 30, they know nothing but Somaliland and have no connection or allegiance to the former Somali Republic. Not to mention the anarchy and strife of the past 25 years, compared to the relative peace and stability in Somaliland, it only serves as a cautionary tale to steer clear of instability.
  20. Loooooooool this guy is hilarious. They are welcome to embrace the bayonets of the Somaliland armed forces if they dare cross the border I for one look forward to the manufactured sensationalism of Saalax. Its great comedy.
  21. Typical mud slinging by Saalax. Making mountains out of ant hills to continue to his pointless crusade
  22. I've never seen anyone so fixated on wishing for the downfall of the country of Somaliland as this Salaax guy. If you look at this comment history "the final nail on the coffin" for Somaliland has been hammered over a hundred times...how may nails does it take lol? Regardless of his rantings that "a new government" is forming in some tea shop or qat den, the legitimacy, unity and strength of Somaliland from Saylac to Tukaraq continues....sorry Salax
  23. Puntland is paying its soldiers in fake shillings and losing the loyalty of its army as a result....they won't have any chance with Somaliland if they can't even pay salaries: " Counterfeit currency printed in the State Bank of Puntland without any regulation or approval from the Central Bank of Somalia had caused inflation and civil unrest on multiple occasions... On 6 February, Puntland Presidential Guards protested over unpaid salaries in Garowe. The cashier assigned to process the guards’ salaries was abducted, but he was released later the same day. Another protest was held in Garowe on 26 February by the Darawish (Puntland regular forces). The protests ceased on 27 January at the same time as significant quantities of counterfeit Somali shillings appeared to the money exchange market in Garowe, strongly indicating that the Puntland forces had been paid in freshly printed money. Open source and confidential security reports from April and May 2017." http://daccess-ods.un.org/access.nsf/GetFile?OpenAgent&DS=S/2017/924&Lang=E&Type=DOC