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  1. Tuujiye Saaxiib, Aaliyah haddii aad saa uga rooraysid ma iska amuustidoo marka hore. Aaliyah thanks inaad naga dajisid nin oo gabadhaha lips fiirsanaayey Ramadanka...
  2. These women should be freed. I guess these new conquerors will be brought to court one day. I don't see them being different from Musi Sudi and Khanyare. For now they are speeding invading cities and village but soon their hidden agenda will come. As Soomaali saying says "Fallaartii kor loo tuuraa waa tii hoos u soo laabta". We know somalis follow and support whatever is new to them till they discover the truth.
  3. Sarandi


    It is true Waterlily, most of somali parents are disconnected from their children either they are struggling their daily life or they don't see the need of it. But think this issue needs more attention then the parent, I mean as whole community. As we know western countries child molestation is high specially in the elementary schools where the child is afraid of the teachers. I beleive no mother/father checks the moral, and the feeling of their children after they come from school. Most likely they both tied. I used be tutor in middles school and honestly some parents don't even know what is going their children's school life such homeworks, books,and even behaviour. so this is molestation I think we will be the biggest victims and we will never find out till these generation grows up and speak up for what had happened to their past.
  4. Well, Bixi I hope that is not what you believe but just an article which you copied from Idaa-male (#1 Unreliable news site) But if it is from your opinion. I advise you Inaad Alle u toobkeento. If you chose not to, don't west our time with nonsense topic. PS to Alle-Baahne Don't request from the admin to block someone because they just said something you don't like. Let him/her say what he/she need. That's the flavor of the Forum. So if you don't like just walk away. Thanks to all
  5. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar Horta, the tape is fake. It is different clips put together. But waxaad tilmaantay inay xero ka jirto Xamar aan loo ogalayn in cidi u gudubto. Even the local media looma ogala. Mar nin wariye ah ka waramayey, ayaa waxa uu sharifka ka codsaday inuu geeyo xeraddaas. Sharifkuna wuxuu ku yiri "I will take to you tomorrow" kadib markii la gaaray ayuu ku yiri " Let me call them ahead of time before we met them" . Marka it is very obvious that there is a foreigners. May Allah help us get out of these tragedies which are coming one after another. I feel sorry for victims of this war.
  6. I guess Cooking and love don't associate. But love and understanding associate. Anyway, cooking for your wife, will create more love and happiness.That is the dream of all human. Cooking for your husband is similar.
  7. Waxaan u malaynayaa in ninkii naagtu qarinaysay ay is helleen. Waa xaal haween inay nimanka isku diraan e....Hey bro shirwa Halla at me if you need backup....
  8. Asalaamu Aleykum, Thank you, Ummo Al-khayr but I want remind you that you need to learn Xaqa uu ninku ku leeyahay xaaskiisa, that is where you need to expertise. You were thought only "what you need from your husband" but not "what you can do for your husband". so look before you leap.