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  1. The teacher we chose to work with him, despite the fact that he initially did not want to go to school, and now with joy attends every lesson and even completes homework, all because the training is the methodology is not used in schools, so he is incredibly interesting. Perhaps you need my advice. A week ago, my youngest son went to school for math . He really liked it and I generally liked it too.
  2. I would recommend online casino if you enjoy sports and are interested in placing a wager. I have been doing so for a year, and it is much simpler to use than other sites, making it possible for beginners to get started. The site also has a manager who can offer advice if you have any questions about betting and cryptocurrencies. Typically, I haven't seen such service on sites like this, so I recommend it.
  3. I require assistance in organizing online training. We are currently transitioning to an LMS system, and the transition is proving problematic; have you ever used this system? I found information about lms standards and attempted to apply it to our situation, but now I think I should just go to the experts, as transferring the data myself will take a long time, especially since our school has already worked in another system for 7 years. I am waiting for advice, how did you move to the LMS?