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  1. Registration form. The Great Promise of Closer U.S.-Somaliland Ties: An Address by H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi | The Heritage Foundation HERIT.AG
  2. Let me first take this out of my chest, when it comes to Somaliland, Deni has been one of the most friendly Presidents in Garowe since Faroole. In fact, Hargeisa and Garowe coordinate a lot of things behind the scenes. If rumours are true (which they most likely are in the Somali context), Biihi and Deni talked over the phone as recently as last week. So from that point of few, I shouldn't be too harsh on the man. But lets face it. He has been a disaster for Puntland. The cynic in me think that this is *probably* by design - remotely controlled by Hargeisa? It is not out of the realm of possibilities. Deni has a lot of business interest in Hargeisa. Anyways, coming to answer your question, it is open secret that things are at breaking point in Puntland. The political discourse all but shutdown by Deni - it is his way or 6ft under. Puntland has always been *madax-ka-nool* as there is hardly any functioning institutions in place. But since Deni came to helm, it became not just *madax-ka-nool* but Deni-ku-nool. In other words One man show. The Parliament which used to exist as name-only, no longer exists as name-only. It doesn't exist anymore - if you know what I mean. Mr. Jurile's comments is act as temporary bandage - but the wounds are fresh. The belief in "Hope* and tomorrow could be better: is the only thing that is keeping the masses quiet these days. But lets say that Deni goes ahead and throws his lot in the Mogadishu circus.. Can you help understand what is Puntland's process. I mean, will Deni be resigning before hand and transferring power to the VP? And also what happens if Deni fails in his bid? is he going to come back and continue the rest of his term? I ask these questions, because the idea that Ahmed Karash, of all people, could steer this half-sunk ship until Jan 2023, is beyond me.
  3. You could have a point when it comes to the East Sanaag folks as a clan. But at Gamal's subclan level, it is different story. All the Caaqils from his subclan unanimously endorsed him, that is 100% of all the different Caaqils. That is a huge gamble. You never know the world's most corrupted parliament could end up voting for a man who failed in his home region. Professor Juriile's final speech to his clan before bowing out of the race makes a lot of sense. Basically says, Toro Bravo is better off wrecking Mogadishu rather than Puntland and he should be helped with exactly what he wants and how he wants it. Ha na dhaafo wuxu doonayo ha qaato. Video:
  4. Ninkan wuxu ka soo jeeda beelaha laga tirada badanyay. Wuxu ku dhashay oo ku barbaaray Hargeisa, laakin 4.5 ayuu kaga soo baxay Bosaso Parlamaanka siduu u metelo beelaha .5 loo yaqaan. Waa qof isku kalsoon, oo kalsoonidii reer Waqooyi waa leeyay, cid uu u joojinayaa ma jirto. Kolka aad Hargeisa iyo Burco ka timaadid, waxa aad leeday kalsooni ka wayn dadka ilaahay halqay, xataa hadii aad tahay qof ku abtirsada beelaha la tirada badanyay. Wuu dhaama kuwa loo bixiyay "meesha mar oo muuqa la waa" ee SSC.
  5. Russia is well and truly bogged down in Ukraine. The Americans are providing the Ukrainians crucial intelligence from afar. Few days ago, Putin had the option to pull back and save face. Now, that option may not be available to him anymore. The Ukrainian armed with modern weaponry and guided from above with cutting edge intelligence are going after the Russians. I predict, this will become a route, total route. What will Putin's faith be after this? My guess is that he will either face a Coup or commit suicide himself. There is just no way out for him from this.
  6. President Biihi is coming to America.
  7. There is no doubt Gamal enjoys not 99% but 100% of the support of his political base. At the same time, he has lost in a politically motivated bomb attack two of his closest clan elders for his bid for contest his seat once again. Therefore, he is different from the others.
  8. Kaftanka qaar ayaa run ah. hehe Anyway this is a sad news. Ninkii Gamal Hassan fara-madhnaan (empty handed) ayuu Bosaso kala tagaya.
  9. In such instance resignation is the best and honourable thing to do.
  10. Gedo clan elder wants Duriyadda Sheekha to take over their election process as they have confidence in them delivering a more just, free & fair elections. I am sure, deep down, the whole of South Somalia wished Duriyadda Sheekha to take their rightful leadership role and get them out of the misery.
  11. Meanwhile, Deni wants to abuse the East Sanaag clans by refusing to heed the numerous calls coming out from the Dubays clan to reinstate the seat that is currently occupied by Gamal Hassan.
  12. Deni finally comes face to face with his opponent in Bosaso and accepted defeat. Diana's family security business is not answerable to anyone.
  13. She can't get Ethiopian Passport b/c of her links to the terrorist group ONLF. The documents she is seeking are related to security clearance. In the grand scheme of things, even though she could be eligible to get the documents under the Somaliland Citizenship laws. She could be denied b/c of her character, as someone who is not truthful and has links to outside groups that are known to be anti-Somaliland. Somalia's Passport is as good as a toilet paper when you are in Somaliland. No one recognise it, you can not travel with it from Airports and if you return with that Passport, you will be queening up in the Foreigners line which has a hefty fee for entry visa applied to it. Other restrictions also apply for example you cannot drive a car if you have Somalia's Passport, you cannot rent a stand alone house, you are forced to rent a hotel room, unless you have security clearance.
  14. Raageh Omaar is on the ground in the region. He is interviewing UK"s PM in Poland before going to Ukraine's front lines. Raageh earned the nickname "Scud Stud" during his reporting from Middle East warzones.
  15. Sharcigu waa cadyay. 1. Somaliland citizen who is female can marry into outside Somaliland. She may retain her citizenship only if she doesn't take up her husband's. Also her children or husband will not be given Somaliland's citizenship. 2. Somaliland citizen who is male can marry from outside Somaliland. His wife and children will automatically qualify for Somaliland citizenship 3. A non-Somaliland person can become a Somaliland honorary citizen due to his service for the country (i.e. did exceptional work for Somaliland) The French man need to join the Somaliland Army and earn his colours there. The more enemies of Somaliland he takes out, the faster he can qualify for Somaliland's honrary citizen category.
  16. She tried to obtain document using falsified and fake identity details. She gave wrong information in order to obtain her citizenship documents. Here is complete interview with the Citizenship Office of the Hargeisa Local Government Why would she do that? Come on social media and claim she is being discriminated against. Lies will only buy you 15 minutes of fame, but will cost you an eternity of shame.
  17. Documents from Hargeisa are well regarded in both Europe and America and accepted as valid documents. For example, marriage, birth and death certificate you obtain from Hargeisa will be certified by US embassy, UK or EU embassies. Whereas the one you get from Mogadishu require additional checks and notarisations and may even not be accepted after all. Ayan's case is a bureaucracy issue. It has nothing to do with her clan. She is married to a Somaliland citizen and has kids that are Somaliland citizens, therefore she is qualified to become Somaliland citizen. The number of countries accepting Somaliland's passport is increasing. In Asia, you can travel with Somaliland passport to UAE, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangledesh and India. In Europe, UK, Turkey, France and Finland. In North America, only students can travel with Somaliland Passport. This is Malaysia and the arrival of Somaliland students with their Somaliland passport.
  18. Taiwan sends in support to the heroic Ukraine people.
  19. You see 40 miles long convoy. I see 40 mile long column of wreckage.
  20. It is a one way fight now. The Russians are only hitting and destroying empty concrete buildings. They have no idea what they are doing and whom they are fighting. I feel sorry for the young men who are sent to their death by the bloody dictator in Moscow. Almost a week into this war and this scene is repeated on every front. No longer a joke of how bad they are, this is how sad the situation is. The level of which I would only expect from a tinpot dictator. Putin cannot sustain this level of lost. He has to pull back if he has any heart left to save these kids. The average age of the Russian soldiers is 18 years of age all born after year 2000.
  21. You could think of it anyway you like. But these are just hard truths and facts. I am not making it up. Just connecting the dots and its what it is.
  22. It is crazy but that seems to be the case. Even doing much better at their own spaghetti politics.
  23. Before you invade your neighbour, you need to have some a good plan in place for both political and military purposes. What Russia should have done is to create pretext for invading her neighbour, for example it could have embosed her own sanctions on Ukraine's companies and economy (remember Iraq's Food for Oil) and in the process control or destroy Ukraine's economy by enforcing the sanctions using blockade of ports and Airstrike of key infrastructure (remember Israel bombing Syria). Also, it could have declared No Fly Zone etc. After years of this kind of policy, you then setup and groom your own opposition political groups to advance your goals. Divide and Rule tactics. You encourage demonstrators to occupy the city centres and embed your own troublemakers to cause havoc. The West would have been checkmated by using these non-lethal but effective methods to bring a foreign country to its knees. Ukraine would have come begging for a way out to Russia. But instead, Putin just invaded her neighbour relaying on shear force to subdue it. So that is the first failure of this doomed invasion. The second failure is well becoming very obvious now. That Russia's military is not up-to scratch for modern warfare tactics and technology. It is operating like 20th Century warfare and the technology is relaying heavily on armed vehicles that are not equipped with defensive technologies. The Russian military also seems to lack advanced Satellite capabilities. I have seen old field telecommunications vehicles being driven in the battle field. This is 1960s way of thinking. In nutshell, the whole project is doomed to fail, totally.