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  1. 12 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    Xamaraawi you are calling galbeedi a tribalist. Your defending madoobe probably for tribal reasons. And galbeedi is waving a blue flag with koonfurians and singing Somalia toosoy. 

    I read in other post that he said he is from borama, which part of the republic of Somaliland.

    he should focus on his country i think


  2. When did you go to somalia last time galbedi.

    cos your ideas sounds like qurbojoog day dreams.

    if you said there should be sniffer dogs at important junctions and offices, lie dictator test for mid to higher ranking government employees, phone monitoring of potential government employees who can facilitate shabab attacks, etc I would agree with you.

    but what you wrote is nonsense, because Mogadishu is very big, with thousands of xawala shops. It is bigger than any Canadian town, so you cannot put police in every corner.


  3. 17 hours ago, galbeedi said:

    The government should target them lawfully. They must open their books and all the transactions that went through.


    We have no other choice but to shut down. I would even shut down the overcrowded Bakaraha market until they stop paying Al-shabaab. It should be a war of life and death.

    Telephone money transfer is more deadlier than gun itself. The mastermind doesn't have to meet his operatives in person .Make sure every phone buyer must have picture ID or one must be made at the shop. Any one under 25 years old should leave his fingerprints behind.

    Every  money transfer that is more than $500 dollars should only be received with the presense police officer and must be verified. Anyway, I am just throwing these things out, but since Al-shabaab is morphed  in to criminal mafia with extortion means, the state must put more effort to the money side of the war..




    What a silly suggestions.

    So you would employ a police officer sign off on every $500. 

    Not very bright are you?


  4. 3 hours ago, Dhagax-Tuur said:

    Reerka ma Stockholm syndrome la sheegi jirey baa heysa. Cadaw markaad mudo la deganaato iyaga inaad ka tirsan tahaad is moodaa.  

    Marku farmajo qalbi daqax ibsadey ma halyey bu aha.

    You fake nationalists are full of nonsense.

  5. Mogadishu Mayor Targeted by Female Bomber.


    By Harun Maruf

    August 9, 2019 07:02 AM

    The Somali government identified the woman in the center of this 2018 UNSOM photo as the suicide bomber who killed eight people, including Mogadishu Mayor Abdirahman Omar Osman, in a July 24, 2019, attack.

    The Somali government says the recent explosion that fatally injured the mayor of Mogadishu was carried out by a female suicide bomber with special needs who was assisted by a second woman.

    A statement issued by the Somali government Friday said both women had been working for the city government without going through a proper vetting process. 

    The statement said the women took consecutive leaves from work within a period of month to travel to areas of the country controlled by terrorists.

    The July 24 explosion was claimed by the militant group, al-Shabab. Eight people were killed, including Mogadishu Mayor Abdirahman Omar Osman, known as “Engineer Yarisow,” and other officials from his administration. The mayor died in Qatar on August 1 due to injuries suffered in the attack.

    Members of a Somali military unit carry the body of the Mogadishu mayor Abdirahman Omar Osman for burial, in Mogadishu, Somalia, Aug. 4, 2019.

    A VOA Somali investigation has learned that both women gave false names in order to work for the local government.

    The female bomber was blind and had been working for the mayor as the special needs coordinator since May, 2018. The name she gave was Basira Abdi Mohamed.  VOA Somali Service's program, The Investigative Dossier, has learned from multiple security sources that her real name was Maryam. 

    The woman assisting her was known to authorities as “Deggan” but she gave a false name too. Investigative Dossierlearned from security sources that her real name is Hodan. She also gave false information about her qualifications during her vetting process in late 2018. She had been recommended by Maryam who requested she be employed in order to support her special needs, but the administration failed to do a background check. Hodan survived the explosion and is believed to have escaped to al-Shabab-controlled territory.

    Investigative Dossier learned from multiple sources that the two women took leave from work in the month prior to the two independence anniversaries (June 26 and July 1) that Somalia celebrates every year. The celebrations were held at the mayor’s headquarters and the Presidential Palace. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo attended both events. According to security sources, Maryam made a strong effort to attend both events. It’s believed she attended the ceremony at the Mayor’s office on June 26.  Officials are still trying to determine if she made it to the palace ceremony four days later. Security forces are investigating whether the women intended to target the president.

    According to two security sources, when Maryam took leave in June she told the mayor she was going to see a doctor. The mayor helped her and gave her $10,000 to cover her medical expenses according to a senior official. Information she gave suggesting that she was going to travel to India for treatment proved false, instead she traveled to al-Shabaab territory according to security sources.

    On the day of the attack, CCTV cameras captured the two women entering the mayor’s headquarters in the early afternoon. Maryam asked to meet with the mayor, but his assistant insisted that he was very busy. 

    An hour earlier, the mayor received the new United Nations envoy to Somalia, James Swan, in his office. The women arrived after Swan had left according to security sources.

    Both women entered the building without anyone checking them and without being scanned. A female security agent at the gate who searches women was on a break at the time, an official says.

    The meeting between the Mayor and his officials begun just before 4 pm local time, the explosion occurred about 30 minutes later according to Abdulkadir Mohamed Abdulkadir, the district commissioner of Hamarweyne who was injured in the attack. 

    Maryam arrived in the room very early and sat five seats from the mayor’s chair. Her assistant, Hodan, was restless. “She sits and gets up, walks in and out of the room,” according to an official.

    According to an assessment made, the blind woman carried the explosive device in her body. 

    Who was Maryam?

    She was born in 1992 in El-Adde town, Hiran region. In 2005 she entered a special needs school in Mogadishu. She then started activism and to speak for the rights of the disabled people. She described herself as an “advocate” for the rights of persons with disabilities.

    In 2015 she formed Somali Women Disability Association and was invited to make speeches at conferences and events in Mogadishu. She met high profile individuals including former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and current President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo according to photos circulated on Somali media. The United Nations office in Somalia highlighted her work for the disabled. 

    When she joined the local government Mayor Osman welcomed her and used the occasion to highlight the plight of people with special needs. 

    Somalia is holding a memorial and prayer service for the late Mayor Friday in Mogadishu.



  6. 8 hours ago, galbeedi said:

    How many times I repeated that Madoobe and his group are a fifth column serving a foreign entity. They are traitors who are more deadlier than even the separatists at the moment.

    If this man comes back we must declare war to liberate the land and kick out the Kenyans.

    What a filthy tribalist you are. What can you do against Ahmed Madobe or his “group” or Jubbaland?

    You come from a small insignificant tribe in the far northern wastelands of  Somalia.

    Empty threat.