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  1. Did this incel really attempt to brag about paying women for companionship? Perhaps he is paying hommage to his community's infamous practice of offering young women, e.g. Amina Boqor, in exchange for political favour? How much? is probably what mudane Douglas asked the boqor of pirates
  2. Faqas* mindset: "I can not do shi* to Somaliland, so I will beg foreigners (the IC) to defend my territorial integrity for me." "I can not visit Hargeisa, so I will beg foreigners (Abiye) to ask Biixi to let me visit." "I can not do shi* to any of my adversaries on the ground, so I will beg foreigners (22,000 AMISOM troops) to defend my government." Entire faqas* book of diplomacy summarised in two words: "Beg Foreigners". Keep writing those letters yaa faqas*
  3. Siduu Afweyne ubakhtiyey oo kale soo maha? Just imagine. Alone, in your old age, exiled from your country and begging for asylum. To make matters worse he was abused by normal people in Nigeria. Imagine being 80+ and getting robbed in a country you know no one, unable to defend yourself or property. Allah gave Afweyne one of the most humiliating deaths. Reading his obituary on The Independent is no easy task: "... the fallen dictator was paid scant respect by the average Nigerian, and his home was robbed more than once. Unable to the end to accept responsibility for the famine and anarchy which has accompanied thesuccession struggle in Somalia, Siad died a frustrated and embittered man." Imagine the terror of being a loner octogenarian in foreign land with Nigerian gangs beating and robbing you! Subxaan Allah, divine justice right there.
  4. Aw-Beenaale, you are the last person on earth to be talking about fact checking, your entire propaganda is based on lies that you make up and claim imaginary "someone" whispered in your ears. Who was it this time, the tormented soul of Afweyne himself feeding you this insider info? You are contradicting yourself within the same post, maba xishooneysid: No evidence, no fact checking. No evidence, no fact checking. No evidence, no fact checking. No evidence, no fact checking. No evidence, no fact checking. I can go on... Not a single instant of you actually producing any evidence from reliable, scholarly, 3rd party sources. Teeda kale, its bizarre, for someone as verbose to utterly lack command of a language as to produce such poor text. Did you attend higher education at all? You do not dare. You're fully aware that any discussion of the civil war is incredibly damaging to Afweyne's lapdogs, for your pathetic role as a goon of Afweyne will haunt you even more than it does now. What is bothering you is the fact that Mudane Xassan Sheikh has effortlessly destroyed your little propaganda and reminded you that SNM and USC, aka the righteous-lot, have ended your kacaan, and they will never apologise for sending your daddy Afweyne to Lagos.
  5. Sums it up pretty eloquently The abandoned children of kacaan actually believe, in their heart of hearts, that ETHIOPIA will unite Somalis!! Just shows, contrary to the brave face they're trying to put on, in reality they realise how BLEAK their situation actually is
  6. The one who has no brains is the halfwit who hails from godforsaken Dhahar and is delusional enough to call Hargeisa isolated You have no voice, no political agency and in reality no one gives a shi* what you think, you know this yourself which is why your minority folk keep braying for a maamul in 2020 . Iska fadhiiso. Better men decide your affair and the future of your people.
  7. Bal waxan candadolka ah eega You are pulling figures out of your behind. If my unemployment rate is 90% then what on earth is yours?! You come from the most destitute territory in the entire Somali peninsula, a godforsaken place called Dhahar and Badhan which scientists are confident to be the closet thing on earth to the surface of planet Mars. Your folk are destitute to such depths of beggary that they all store multiple flags in each home, just in case. Sii soco oo soo soco, like performing hajj, just to feed your families. Adigoo Soomaali anus ka ah, you are in no position to call anyone isolated. I just educated you on why it’s erroneous to call Somaliland isolated, particularly when compared to Somalia.
  8. What isolation? Perhaps you have consumed expired tuna this morning, but Somaliland is more connected to the outside world than any other part of the former Somali Republic. Its port is by far the busiest, its airport is second busiest after Muqdisho's. Somaliland gets its share of aid through its own separate channel called Somaliland Development Fund. So how is it isolated in comparison to hellhole Puntland, or anywhere else in Somalia for that matter? The ones who are isolated are the mermaid folk in Godforsaken las qorey, Badhan, and Dhahar, or the male hijab-wearing desert dwellers of Garowe. That is real isolation. Hargeisa is doing well and so is Muqdisho, but the loomaooyaans like yourself are the ones who have been suffering acute isolation, it hurts, but you and I know its truth.
  9. If the poorly-written fan-fiction of our Jinn-whispering, habitual liar of SomaliaOnline is their last hope, then they are so fu**ed if I say so myself
  10. As for the rest of Aw-beenaale's braying calaacal.. we know why he is experiencing such anger with Farmajo's statement: It directly incriminates his criminal SDA militia who chose to become instruments of AFweyne's campaign of genocide against the north. We have not forgotten how wares looted from Hargeisa were sold in broad daylight on the streets of Borama by the marauding SDA bandits, later to be defeated and made to kiss the ring by the glorious SNM mujahids: Now all of you who wish to discuss these issues line up, go and support Galbeedi-the-Jinn-Whisperer with all your intellectual might, lets have a debate about it instead of timidly deleting posts with relevant and well sourced information. Adkeysta dee
  11. Another LIE from the forum's Jin-whisperer Facts can never be wished (or deleted) away. Your minority union of USP garnered only a miserable 16.4% in the elections of Somaliland Protectorate! They were a minority who could not force the majority group of pretty much anything: In fact, the single most prominent politician from USP, who was from LA and not Awdal, was the one who suggested to halt the union with ex-Somalia Italiana, to which the majority group resolutely dismissed with the famous line: "Laa yaa Garaad!". Effectively taking you into the union against your will. You have no history there to be proud of.
  12. Who deleted the two posts and on what grounds? Oodweyne, you are absolutely on the money, wixii ka hadhay Afweyne bee meesha isugusoo ururey difaac ku jira. How come not a single one of Galbeedi's proven lies was deleted? Odayga beenta laguu cadeeye —on multiple occasions including this very thread— ma waxaad garanweydeen hadal ku difaaca? Unlike Aw-Beenaale (Jinn whispered sweet nothings into my ears last night) above, sources were included in the posts, is that why you got so shook?
  13. Ustaad Oodweyne, perhaps my light disciplining of this Jinn-whisperer inagumeed has saved his ungrateful soul from the irreparable damage your post would have caused As such one can view my chastising as... a show of mercy
  14. This is amazing I knew certain segments within Eastern Awdal (as exemplified by Aw-Beenaale @galbeedihere) have deep-rooted cuqdad against Duriya, but to reach such an extent to lie and claim the Jesus clan of Djibouti and Western Awdal's Ugaas is truly unprecedented. Do they not have Ugaasate of their own? What kind of mental state leads someone to claim another clan's Ugas?
  15. I suggest for the sake of your mental wellbeing that you never do the test. I guarantee you will not like what you see
  16. You, of all people, should never, ever, be discussing DNA. It destroys the very foundations of your community. Your sardine-eating folk have been conclusively proven to not belong to the larger Darrod grouping, at least genetically. Whereas Darrods tested usually return a typical Somali E-V32 result, the sardine-eating mermaid folk of Sanaag have exhibited an entirely separate haplogroup, namely J1! You can view one such result below: Besides, we actually have documented historic accounts of your ina Ali Shire, lets just say that his origins were... ambiguous As for the tombs in question: Everything is documented. The place where Darrod is buried is unknown. This tomb you see today was built in the 1980s by enterprising folk as a juvenile push back against the only historic Maqām of worth in the Somali regions; that of the Saint of Mait. The only other maqam that Somalis perform regular Siyaaro to is that of Sheikh Yusuf Al Kownein. Cruttenden commented upon visiting Maydh how the graves in that Dariix are at least 250 years old. Meanwhile many written accounts, as recent as 1890s by the likes of Revoil confirm Darrods themselves proclaiming that no one knows where Darrod is buried.
  17. Out of the three, only one is original and documented in that historic spot. The Darrod tomb was built in 80s and the Sammaron tomb is even more recent. You can not put them in the same sentence as a historic Maqām worthy of pilgrimage (siyaaro) such as that of Weliyullaahi the Saint of Mait
  18. What an iconic photo From fugitive soldier to begging for free rides to Adis in Tog Wajaale, deported from his own country. Where are the inagumeeds who were promising us that Caare will end Somaliland? Where are the inagumeeds who were promising us that Galaydh will end Somaliland? Where are the inagumeeds who were promising us that Xaglotoosiye will end Somaliland? F*qash tears are so sweet.
  19. Ol' Beenaale, we are still waiting for official sources from you on the question of Sanaag's districts. Your sh-t-and-run tactics of using Facebook and Puntland Observer as sources only highlighted your jaahilnimo and lack of a basic education. And once your lies were exposed you promptly fled the discussion, as you always do. So spare us your poorly written, "my imaginary sources told" fan-fiction and bring the goods, otherwise kindly stfu Its more desperation that anything. This loomaooyaan actually thinks Duriyada will emancipate him and other hadhaagii kacaanka like him. Its amusing
  20. The forum's Ol' Beenaale back to his usual tricks There is truth to the old saying: "doofaar weligii ma daahiro".
  21. Carre bent the knee, where is the SomaliaOnline inagumeed?
  22. Exactly, so where is the law that has been passed? You have failed to provide a single official source. Do you have it? A yes/no answer would do