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  1. I have watched the video of shabaab killer before he died he said he was in boosaaso only for two days and he was sent from baydhabo,

    Shabaab wants to create mistrust between qabaailada why would they sent someone all the from baydhabo to make this killing while the can find a local person to do this killing.

  2. 1 hour ago, Tallaabo said:

    When the Muslim people abandon the Quran and instead relay on Chinese whisper aka hadith for religious law and doctrine this is what you end up with. Everyone in KSA, Somalia, Pakistan, and many other "Islamic" countries know that if they renounce Islam openly they would be put to death thanks to the books of one Central Asian guy called Bukhaari and his fellow writers of that era. Instead if we followed Allah's law which decreed that there is no compulsion in religion then non of this enforced hypocrisy would exist. 

    Quraanka iyo xadiithka wey Isla socdaan you don't pick one and leave the other secondly bukhaari iyo saxiixul muslimka xadiith yada Ku qoran waa saxiix waa hadalkii rasuulkeena (slcwslm).

  3. 17 minutes ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    Xilligaan maya, when corruption is so rampant and when each cod from a single xildhibaan costs $25,000 and more. Qof Soomaali qarash intaas ah jeebkiisa kama dhiibaayo, especially not even knowing if they will give you their votes.

    That will stop markii la helo qof walba xaq inuu u leeyahay inuu codeeyo.

    But in every election you need donation to fund it in every country laakin we don't see them giving credit to foreign country.

    (Exceptional Donald Trump) his win  was credited to Russia