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  1. 5 hours ago, Duufaan said:

    It seems some type of expected fund from outside which may never realize. Who will give Somalia billions of dollars in  today world. The man admitted that the old system of dividing Somali in three area is no longer the rule for donors. This is probably the part of the issue.

    KKK expected fund,,, waxay Ku dagaalamayaan wax aan gacantooda ku jirin waxaan soo xasuustay ruwaayadii ( la cala hadii aan lacag helno sidee ubqeybsanaa ).

  2. 6 hours ago, Old_Observer said:


    Look at the picture again. It says a lot.

    Isayas has only one person who may be his body guard.

    He speaks for every minister (Eritrea has no proper cabinet anyway). He is the supervisor of this UAE project.



    Friend of mine who is from Asmara told me they actually fearing for the future of their country because he said if afawerki dies the whole country will collapse with him cuz he did not prepared any functioning system there is no vice president and he created paranoia between ministers and also between military, secret service,police department.

    he said civil war is more likely after the dies.

  3. 19 minutes ago, Oodweyne said:

    On the contrary, really. You see you may not like it that Dr Abby Ahmed had "blurted" out the home-truth (and nothing but the home truth in here) since that is opposite of what you are peddling in here which is the silly propaganda of Villa Somalia in general and that of Mr Cheeseman in particularly. But in effect all Dr Ahmed has done in here is to tell you as to how exactly he sees Somalia in its current condition.

    And that is, namely, Somalia becoming a would-be-vassal-state in which the likes of him (or Ethiopia in general) and the Strongman of Eritrea, run it together. And the current president of Somalia has no "intellectual wherewithal", the "political street-smartness", or even the "diplomatic craftiness" not to go along with that "agenda" of theirs.

    Hence, you may think the world is blessed inordinately in just having the likes of Mr Cheeseman living in it. But the glaring reality in here is that he is out of his depth in "negotiating" with these two cunning and grasping wolves in which he is sitting in the middle of it. And moreover all they have to do is to tell him that they will support him in his fights against his regional states in Somalia, and he in turn will "sign off" to them whatever they ask of him in return. 

    Here is the statement from the meeting, Mr farmaajo handaraaabkii rasmiga ayuu idiinku soo diray


  4. 3 minutes ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    We will see that, Cadnaan. I don't think other maamul goboleed horjoogayaal would want that, though.

    As you said before shariif sakiin wuxuu meesha Ku joogay reer abtiyaalkiisa hada reerkii musharax kale ayey wataan markaa shariif turubkiisi ugu danbeeyey wuu ciyaaray and he lost.