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  1. ^ If he said he is from Somaliland doesn't make a difference: Somaliland is considered to be a state in Somalia. Its like an American saying he is from New Jersey, calm down ninyoow.
  2. Congratulations another entrepreneur that the world will say is from Somalia. Thanks for the advertising walaal.
  3. Where can I use this? do you have one? and is it recognised by the UN?
  4. <cite> @CidanSultan said:</cite> (1) what's the point of talking nonsense if you can't deliver? What's the point of SL talking nonsense if they haven't delivered independence for over 20 years. <cite> @CidanSultan said:</cite> (2) Stuff and nonsense for 23 years and still nonsense? Somaliland is still a nonsense state in Somalia blabbing stuff and not being heard. 23 years and counting... Look at your BS hypocrisy. Don't talk shit when you are shit.
  5. Puntland has been dividing in regions in the last election and will continue to do so. What you say about us and what you do is two different things: when our oil kicks all the southern mooryans come like there is no tomorrow.
  6. Somaliland has been pleading for independence for years to no avail. What makes you different to the kurds, muslims in Russia and another people seeking indolence: you seek independence from your own brother based on colonial borders and beef related to a long-dead president. Until you receive independence from us the world will see you as part of us and nothing more.
  7. <cite> @CidanSultan said:</cite> Che Mr Somalian anomaly it's called quatation. For me Somalia is dead but the foreign minister of Somaliland being a diplomat said the above quotation living in Boston I would assume you knew what a quote is. As for Somaliland being isolated that's clearly and obviously not the case. Somaliland signs international agreements with foreign governments it's passport is used in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya along with most of Africa . It has major oil contracts. Major infrastructure contracts i.e. the water with the European union Electricity arrangements with Ethiopia. Ports with Dubai. Oil deals with turkey. Even military training and international postal services via Ethiopia. Yet these naysayers think Somaliland is isolated. Somaliland is not isolated. It has no debt. Uses its money and continuously increases it's budget yearly. Well if your passport is so valuable why don't you use it. I have never seen any of these so called Fake-land ministers ever using it nor their citizens so don't boast about it. Btw I have been on this forum for a while but started using my account recently.
  8. Red Bull tells you not to drink more than a can a day or you will fall into a coma and die. :'(
  9. This is not Somaliland Online either so either you join us and keep your ideas to your self or you go to some hell hole of a forum like Somaliland Sun
  10. And Somaliland claims the SSC which was part of a Sultanate which was country for many years, making its own desicions and even had a calvary. These have a better claim than the "we were a country for 4 days" yet you colonise them, make them hand their oil to you and make them use your currency.
  11. And I have started taking Somaliland off the World maps.... I know you can thank me later
  12. Mate, I reported this to Wikipedia and now look the world is back to its rightful place... slowly. Check Egypt,Ethiopia,Australia and Russia those countries have just been reverted back
  13. Sorry guys mogadishu is getting a 270 million dollar Container Terminal, 70million dollar Oil Terminal.
  14. If Somaliland becomes a country then they will the worst human rights record