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  1. I don't know what they expect out there other than be the wives of multiple fighters. I hope they are back before they come to harm.
  2. Your loyalty should also lie with your countrymen regardless of their religion. Culture is more than a DNA, an Egyptian Muslim will have more in common with an Egyptian Christian than an Indonesian Muslim, unless you look and base everything through the lenses of Islam.
  3. Neymar is the star in this average Brazilian team, i cant see them winning the world cup and hope they lose to Colombia. But there is so much pressure and expectations on this kid and he was cool and in control in the penalty shootout. James Rodriguez goal is the best goal in my opinion, followed by van Persie's header against Spain. James and Neymar are both 22, looking forward watching them play against each other.
  4. "When I was growing up women wore traditional clothes or regular western clothes. We went to school. But the schools don’t exist any more. And women are not even allowed to drive any more. It’s run by extremists. Somalia was 100% a Muslim country, but it had its own culture before it adopted Islam. So you were a Muslim, but you were a Somali first.” We are Muslims first and if some aspects of our culture conflicts with Islam, then our religion takes precedence. We are in the mess we are in now partly due to our culture. I am not aware there is a ban on women driving.
  5. She is not the first or the last, but why do people like her choose to embarrass their parents by announcing it to the world, it is hurtful and inconsiderate.
  6. Niqab was not prevalent then as it is now even though it is a tiny minority who wear it. I was not thinking in the lines of security, but as a way of life if you want to to work, study, etc, it is extreme to hide your face from other human beings whom we share so much with, unless you view men as beasts and women as a sexual desirable object who should be hidden.
  7. I don't think UK is heading in that direction, niqab however is extreme and negates a woman's identity. The more withdrawn a community is, the easier it is to stereotype and dehumanise it.
  8. Covering your face is not a matter of clothing, I support a partial ban if you enter an establishment with niqab on but should be able to walk the streets as you like.
  9. Saalax;983110 wrote: Nobody cares what personal choice some obscure insecure halimo might make. Just remember if your kids are foreigners they will never be accepted in our society , at least in Somaliland. Nobody cares if you marry a Nigerian and stay in Nigeria, dhuulkeena lama keeni karo laakin. You are on the wrong side of history, with prosperity, education and centralised governance, clan will lose its importance. Your children let alone your grandchildren will not be sharing your views. Maybe the majority of people in Somaliland now share your views, but for how long?
  10. underdog;982754 wrote: What stopped you from considering an Halal mortgage option? There are a multitude of choices is any country. Not in the UK, halal mortgages has dwindled in recent years, HSBC no longer offering their amanah finance here. There is not much choice either in that they stipulate getting residential mortgage and i want to let out the property so that i can repay the mortgage quicker.
  11. There is no wisdom in Saciid Rageh's answer, just stereotyping generalisation.
  12. guleed_ali;982680 wrote: Do you believe you are sinning or do you know that getting a mortgage is haram but you've given into temptation? I'm just curious, I apologize if the question is too personal... Yes i am sinning, i don't like having a mortgage so there was no temptation there. I just made a sound financial decision with my limited option of either renting or getting a mortgage.
  13. I do. Interest rate is low at the moment, less than 4%, 25 years term but I intend to pay it within 10 years. Without mortgage, I cannot get on the property ladder, no other options unfortunately. I am not going to spend my money renting and paying off someone else's mortgage.
  14. She looks really good, no stretch marks or hint of loose skin after having twins, lucky.
  15. UAE people need to get out of their car, stop using the car horn to order food and shopping when they have plenty of time in their hands. It is shallow, lazy and pretentious. What is real and unique about UAE are the expats unlike some of the Somalis who act, dress, talk and more importantly think they are local.