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  1. Alhamdulillah brother I don’t have many problems in my life now except that I have this feeling of desiring a wife and it seems that my desiringis growing day after day and I can't get wife because now days it's difficult someone like my age (19), lives with parents and student to find a sister want to marry him and the main reason I need a wife is protection from the fitna. It’s bit weird for me to ask my parents or my brothers about marriage because I’m the youngest of my family. I will be glad if you guys give me any good advice
  2. Dream about prophet Muhammad pbuh and Abu Bakr r.a After five months since I saw the prophet Muhammad scw in my dreams, Allah swt was kind to be again and showed me Prophet Muhammad pbuh in my dream and Abu bakr r.a. I saw in my dream that I was sitting with prophet Muhammad pbuh then Abu Bakr r.a came to us and the prophet pbuh held both hands of Abu Bakr and recite something on them then put them over his head scw after 2 minute the prophet pbuh told something to Abu Bakr after that Abu Bakr r.a wanted to leave but I called him and held both his hands and looked at them then I told him your hands has a light, he was surprised to what I said he said how then I told him you are among the men Allah swt promised them to enter paradise while they were alive, he was very astonished he looked at the prophet Muhammad pbuh for confirmation to what I told him, the prophet pbuh told him I’m right while laugh about Abu Bakr’s astonishment. Then abu bakr left us so me and the prophet Muhammad were alone I told the prophet pbuh have memorized some parts of the Quran he was very happy and started smiling.
  3. QansaxMeygaag;926637 wrote: ^ What do you think your dreams mean? Have you asked the learned to interpret them for you? I am curious to know what they thought. I once saw my brother in a dream buying a suit and I was told "don't repeat that because new clothes in a dream means death" and someone else interpreted the new clothes as "either a new wife or wealth".... Well - he is still alive, he has not married a new wife neither has he become a billionaire...dude's still the same! brother i don't know what most of my dreams mean one thing i know is they are good dreams, i once told a sheikh from the center mosque of london, who knows how to interpret dreams, i told him the dream that prophet Muhammad pbuh told me " i'm his friend" and he asked me little questions then he told me i'm the friend of the prophet muhammad s.c.w as he chosen me. it is hard to find someone who knows how to interpret dreams, i visited many imams from different mosque in London and all of them told me they don't know how to interpret dream. i told many people about my dreams but very little people i asked them to interpret for me. i know some people may not have much knowledge about dreams and they may just ruin your dream's meanings. the guy who told you new clothes means Death that is scary sxb if were you i would go to the other guy for interpretation next time who told you new clothes mean new a wife or wealth. one more thing dream interpretation is not 100% granted.
  4. Mustafe;926453 wrote: Suldan oo marka saad u joogtaad iska riyootaa miya? And this is not a one off thing but on a reular bases? War illen tano kale! brother the dreams i had shared here had a gap time between them and most of the dreams i saw them 2- 3 years before shared on this site for example the latest dream i shared about imam Ali r.a and the city of kyber i saw that dream about 3 years ago. one more thing i don't control waqtiga aan riyoodo some of my dreams about prophet muhammad pbuh had a gap time between them some like a week, months may'be a year.
  5. This is one of the beautiful dreams i saw about Jihad Dream about Imam Ali and Gate of city Khyber I saw in my dream that I was with two men outside the city of Khyber then we met imam Ali r.a who was about to face Jewish warrior one to one , me and other two men were giving imam Ali r.a militarily advice about how to defeat the man, then imam Ali told us he is going to come back for us, while waiting I saw Muslim men standing near the gate of the city and inside the city there was many enemy soldiers, I went to them and said to the Muslim men “ what are you guys doing, you are chatting near the enemies gate, what if they attack you surprise for then you wouldn’t be able to fight back,” all of suddenly the enemy opened the gate and came out with men on horse and men on foot with their weapons screaming toward us then the Muslim men were shocked and they began to ran away I was there trying to stop the men from running away and telling them to fight for Allah and Islam and don’t run away from the enemy, then I heard a voice from nowhere proclaiming “ who is going to stand and fight while other turn their back ” at the moment I heard the voice, I held one of the Muslim men who was running away and told him to fight and he looked at me like I have gone mad then I grasped the sword from his hand and ran toward the enemy while the Muslim men where passing me faster until I found myself alone against the enemy, running toward me with their swords and spears , then I ran toward them without fearing Death and I separated the enemy ranks and wounded many of them until I reached their leader, who was riding horse behind them and hit him the hand with my sword, I could see his blood dripping from his hand while he was holding the wound, all of this time the enemy didn’t hit me with any wound. Allah Akbar
  6. To start with dream is different from the reality, i saw many dreams but that doesn't make me expert of dream field. this is my answer base on my experience to your question but i advice you to ask the people of knowledge (Imam, sheikh) they can give you good explanation All the prophets peace be upon them i saw in my dreams except prophet Adam a.s, i recognized them, sometimes i saw prophet muhammad pbuh with a lot of men, without someone telling be about him pbuh, i call him "ya rasoolullah" also the people with the prophet pbuh in the dream, they call him "rasoolullah" pbuh .same with other prophets if i talk to them, i always adress them as " rasool" in the dream, as for the men who are not prophets i always know in my heart who they are even without sometimes hearing their name in the dream. this is one of the miracles of dream " recognising someone you never saw before, like seeing the prophet muhammad pbuh, who pass away more than 1400 years ago" is part of islam to believe we can see prophet muhammad pbuh and other prophet peace be upon them in our dreams and good muslims without saw them in real live. Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) reports that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: He who saw me in a dream has certainly seen me, for Shaytan can not take my form. (Sahih al-Bukhari ) Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, "There are three types of dreams: a righteous dream which is glad tidings from Allah, the dream which causes sadness is from Shaitan, and a dream from the ramblings of the mind. example of rightous dream from Allah swt i saw , the dream where umar ibn khatab encourge me learn and memorise about the quran example of bad dream from the satan, is nightmares, sometimes we see scary and dark figure chasing us for no reason example of dream from the ramblings of the mind, sometimes when i had football match ,night before the match i used to see in my dreams my team win or lose, so this type of dream is neither from Allah swt nor satan, it just what we are think about.
  7. After a long time, Today, the Eid ul adha day , alhamdulillah I saw prophet muhammad pbuh in my dream, I was in a room with a lot of Muslim men , I was standing next to where our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh, was laying , some men were saying is alive while other were saying he pass away pbuh then Abu Bakr came in the room and look at the body of the prophet Muhammad pbuh, he explained the men the prophet pbuh pass away then he came back to the body of the prophet pbuh and put his hands on the blessing face of the prophet pbuh and move them around gently then said you used to smell good when you were alive and now you still smell good then the prophet pbuh opened his eyes and said you have spoken the truth, the son of so and so (I don’t remember the name), all the Muslim men in the room started to laugh with happiness.
  8. bro if you mean prophet Muhammad pbuh and prophet Luqman A.S, i never saw prophet Luqman a.s in my dream but you check authentic hadiths about prophet Luqman a.s description
  9. Dream about Umar ibn Khattab r.a and the Quran Few days ago I made dua to Allah swt to give me good memory so that I may memorize the Quran and the hadith with it. I saw in my dream that I was with two men, one who has long beard and other shaven they were brought to Umar ibn Khattab r.a then someone told Umar this two men did something bad so Umar got angry and he whack them so hard with strong stick when I saw the scene I try to flee from their slowly but Umar saw me he called me, I ran away from him then I remember the words of prophet Muhammad pbuh “ whoever disobey the amir of the Muslims , is similar someone who disobey me” then I went back to him when he saw me, he took this big stick and said to me “ let me hear from you today I memorized less than Juz amma:
  10. guys I added as friend few days ago Somali girl who I liked so much by just seeing her pictures in her profile wallahi she one in million then she approved my friend request . This what happen our first chat, she wrote to me asc aboowe ma ku garanaya? My replay was disaster, this was my replay “ wcl abaayo maya ” all I want was to be bit cool and write short form wa `alaykumu s-salām then she wrote to me full of (wcl) and ask me what I meant then I explained to her it was mistake, at the end she said it’s ok and she except the friendship (subhanallah she's reer magaal ). Now I don’t know how to chat with her again because of what happen and mainly my weak somali writing (she lives in Somalia). all I’m left to do is to view her profile picture while listening heartbroken songs. I will appreciate any advice aqyaray.
  11. Nuune I would like to meet Rooxan if they exist, can you tell me easier and non haram way to meet them.
  12. I use hear something call "Rooxan" when i was young but i don't know what is Rooxan, can you guys give me definition of Rooxan.
  13. assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters I didn't saw prophet muhammed pbuh or other prophet pbuh this days in my dreams but i will post it inshallah if Allah azawajal show me. brothers and sisters if anyone of you like to contact me they can contact me through this email here is one of my beautiful dreams about Angel and Satan In the dream i saw that i was sleeping on my bed and i wake up or open my eyes and i saw a red little man with wings and he was so ugly and sad and his face was dark and the skin of his face doesn't look like human skin then he dispear then i close my eyes and open again i saw angel standing at the door of the room then he came in, (i'm still on my bed ) i couldn't see his face because his light was to powerful i told myself maybe it is the angel of death or angel who came to see me, so he came near to me and then i felt he is the angel of death then i read shahada and close my mouth then he sat right next to me then put his hands on my body and start to shak it (taking my soul out of my body) while he was shaking me and my soul was going out of my body I WAKE UP.
  14. my brothers and sisters here full of the dream that Osama bin laden rahimahullah was involving (we say rahimahullah when we mention deceased muslim). “I saw in my dream that I was in a line of Muslim men with my brother then I saw a man setting a chair in the middle of the line he was so beautiful and wear a beautiful white clothes and he was wearing a turban which was wrote his name which was “Osama bin Laden” and the Muslims was giving him a gift and greetings and precede the line because he was not setting at the end of the line rather the middle of the line but I had nothing to offer as a gift to the man I told myself may’be introduce myself to him and I was thinking and looking down then I rise my head and I saw that I was all most standing the end of the line about 5 to 3 men were ahead of me and my brother then I looked who is setting at the end of the line I saw a man’s back setting a chair and each one of us was going to him and give him a gift after a moment I realize that the man is prophet Muhammad Pbuh then my brother went to him and give prophet Muhammad pbuh a small perfume which was a type of perfume that Muslim men use and prophet pbuh used and put me and my brother our hands the perfume and told us this is his sunnah xxx then he look at me i had no geft to give him pbuh then something came in my head which was to tell him dua which i saw from the internet then i told him i'm going to tell you something better then all the geft the people gave you while pointing my finger at his lap where he was keeping the geft then he smile and laugh and turn he chair to my face and said "tell me tell me" then i told him if you say subhanallah wa bihamdihi 100 times all of your sins will be forgiven he smile and asked me who told me this? did i heard about it from my young friends then i started to think before i give him my answers i told myself who can put such information in the internet it must be someone who is good muslim and hoping to get reward from allah for it or some who is alim (my difination of alim at that time was someone who is wise ) then I told him I get the information from some wise he then look at me and didn’t said anything then he pick two shoes which was same colour and wear it then he pick two other shoes and wear it one was same colour as before ones and other was black then he look at me and did not say anything I woke up after that. Little story of my live connecting to this dream, I use to be like normal young muslim sometime I use to do salah and sometimes like months no prayer then one day I saw a lecture of great Somali scholar (sheikh boqolsoon) who was talking about the day of judgement from that day I started to learn more about islam and started praying 5 times and sunnah and read a lots of dhikr in order to do a lots of deeds because I thought that my sins were great that I may go to hell fire also i use to make research for anything that if I do that can increase my good deeds and one day I found the dua which I told the prophet pbuh subhanallah wa bihamdihi 100 time and all of my sins will be forgiven if I said that then each time i done a sin I use to read 100 subhanallah wa bihamdihi then think that all of my sins is forgiven but the problem was that I didn’t look if the dua is authentic or not and islam is haram to practise something that you don’t know if it’s authentic or false not only was I practise I also thought of teaching other like I did with prophet pbuh . I understood the dreams means that I was wrong and some how away from his sunnah pbuh because the first two shoes he put which was same colour that was his and other two shoes was mine the one which was same colour with his shoes means some how I’m following his way and black one means that I’m wrong and someone who practise something he doesn’t know it’s authenticity also spread it around after that dream I stop that act I use to do and started to practise only something that is from books or I heard from trustworthy scholars. But after a time a I found that subhanallah wa bihamdihi 100 time allah will forgive all sins is true and it’s authenticity of it that dua is in Sahih Bukhari book. And now I practise it. And part of osama bin laden in the dream I think that part needs scholar to interpret it. praise be to Allah who was there for me when I was ignorant about halal and haram.