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  1. *AQUA* Your feelings change suddenly and easily. You are always lonely, and like traveling. You are truthful, but listen and believe other people too easily. It's hard to find love for you, and get lost in love easily, Sometimes get hurt by love Whatever! That does not describe me at all :rolleyes: Flying Still, I hear you! Yaab badana dadkaan :rolleyes:
  2. Mujahida

    The Deep Sea

    SubhanaAllah. Jezekelah sis Lucky. Just another beautiful reminder that the Quraan is Indeed the truth. Everything they come to know & Evreything they discover Is already Known To Allah! We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their own selves, until it becomes manifest to them that this (the Quran) is the truth. Is it not sufficient in regard to your Lord that He is a Witness over all things? (41:53)
  3. Masha'Allah Lucky Wayakum Sis! We think that death is not close but yet it's closer then we can ever imagine. May Allah make our last deeds those that are acceptable to HIm Ameen. Fi-AmanaAllah
  4. I hope that it makes you think. As it made me think so deeply.
  5. Oh What was I thinking?! :confused: I'm sorry Muraad SubhanaAllah Jezekelah akhi, I must've replied to one of wardi's posts and jumped right into this one. Thanks, and sorry! Wardi thanks for correcting me Brother.
  6. Dhû 'l-Jalâl wa 'l-Ikrâm: The Lord of Majesty and Generosity I'll let the others have their turn brb FiamanaAllah
  7. Mâlik al-Mulk: The King of Absolute Sovereignty jUST SAYING THE NAMES, Carries such huge rewards!
  8. AsalamaAlaykum Al Wakeel = The trustee
  9. AsalamaAlaykum Modesty. Thanks sis. I appreciate that you took some time to research some prove for me. Jezekelah. Maybe i should just use my most nearest logical view as well. It's just that i've been looking for some hadeeth but i couldn't get hold of any. I've been getting mixed messages about this certain topic. So i just wanted to clear things up for once and for all. I'd mostly feel pleased if there was a authentic hadeeth or something in the Quraan. Thanks again Modesty. Barakalah Fiik!
  10. AsalamaALaykum May this reach you all in the best of health and Imaan! Sisters please stop arguing. Fear Allah. Every little word you type. Is as if you've spoken it. Asra posted this topic, and it was about true love she asked for some opnion and advice. Not to see how well some of you can debate. Or insult one another. You ruin the purpose of the topic + you make the poster feel bad. Did you realize that at all?! To put it Mildly. If you do not have anyhting useful to say regarding the topic. Then post your own tread and call it " My ability to argue". We'll come and visit you there. I hope that i haven't offended anyone. Seee ====>It doesn't hurt to smile ! agree? Ma'salama'Ma
  11. Salams Lucky well spoken sis! Some just have some personal issues. Why bring it to the forum? Can't you resolve that in some other way? InshaAllah Khair!
  12. Thanks both of you! Can you back your opinion with any evidence at all? Hadeeth or Quraan? Thanks again
  13. AsalamaAlaykum Does anyone know the answer to my question? I do know that a step mother can never marry her stepSon, even if his father dies but What does islam say about the uncovering herself infront of him & And shacking his hands? Therefore Does she need to do her wudu after that? I know that he's not considered a Non-mahram but can anyone shed some light on this for me InshaAllah? Jezekelah in advance
  14. Originally posted by Kaafi What distinguishes Muslims from Christians, Jews, or any other false religions is SALAAT Thats true sis. Just wonder how many of us claim to be muslims but aren't after all. SubhanaAllah! Salat is the bond between Allah and his slave. Thanks for the reminder sis. Jezekelah. WaSalam
  15. I love the old Lambada song By Kaoma! Do any of you know the song or the singer? Oh it's amzingly beautiful!
  16. ASalamAlaykum First of all, I assume that your a muslimah. So I'll speak to you as a Sister InshaAllah. Your not supposed to be alone with a man Islamicly speaking esp without a mahram. So having said that. It's best not to put yourself in a situation like that in the first place. Try to avoid seeing him in places where it's you & him only. Try to set limits. If he loves you he'll understand. If he won't then drop him like a bad habit! "Where a man and a woman are alone. Shaytan is always the third"! I'm sure the Saying above from a hadeeth wasn't said for nothing. FiAmanaAllah,
  17. There is one somali in my college. He converted to Christianity but he still has his islamic name. A'uduBillah Indeed! How can one Leave islam for something else? :confused: Truly In Allah's hands our soul and Imaan lies!
  18. AsalamaAlaykum (y) Wardi Jezekelah brother. there is no difference between the rich and the poor when they stood in front of Allah. That is what makes Islam a beautiful religion. We're all the slaves of Allah! What is visible to Allah is our Imaan and our good deeds that we do for his sake only. Truly everyhing else means nothing! Alahu Akbar!
  19. OG_Girl!!! Your starting to spread Animosity now. What will you gain if u saw them cut in pieces?! Those kinda words are not the words of a muslim with islamic morals. Its a fanatic's words. You better step off that delusion you're holding as the truth. The Us would've cut you in pieces in no time. The only thing that is keeping them from doing so is Allah. Sleep on that! I'm not surprised with some of you's statements here. Esp those that we're ready 2 celebrate a muslims death ! That is just what I call a ultimate measure to your own ignorance.