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  1. ^^No clue who da is!-HEL{P? ok i got one here! First scenario, You are walking on the street and a Somali girl passes you bye, approach her and in a nice and very polite tone say.. “walaalay I think you have sat on some red ink.. there is a red spot on your dress !! lool.. watch her freak out lool Shame on this KID
  2. LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL Weee NAYE! Yule Mcoasti Kapisa!
  3. OK Wats the EURO without the AZZURIS?- :mad: And who da EFF are these CZECHS????-where in the world did THEY COME FROM?--Gee ! Anyways My predictions! Portugal 2 - England 0(screw the ENGLISH!-Bloody BLOCKS! :mad: ) Greece 1 - France 4 (they need to quit,this is not Greek THEOLOGY!) Sweden 1 - Holland 1(The orange men are lucky Blocks !-I really don care who wins HERE) Denmark 2 - Czech Rep 1(ok they need to be hit with realitY-and 2 goals) And Oh YEA..England needs to realise that They cannot rely on TEENAGERS every time to Push them !-Last world cup was OWEN this time its this ACNE infested DUDE!,They gonna have to realise that the kid may suprise the first 2 games but opponents will soon figure out how to CURB these 'phenomenal' Teens(and the Poor dismal team shows UP)!--and umm err--The only Good game the ENLISH played(which they deserved to win was that against FRANCE-am still HAPPY they LOST!) but the rest they played WACKY teams & Lucky GOALS! English Fans: Bring wat You got(and i don mean HOOLIGANS) but GAME!
  4. ^^ Habo, Thats SPADEZ!-Right? Now Who Said this: I dont still trying to put it all into perspective. In the meantime, its back to working, saving, shopping and paying off debts while I await that knight in the shining macwiis to arrive and complete me
  5. Macalin


    Waraada-Asalaam ALeykum! This is an interesting topic of discussion,even many consumer advocates are taking this up! Many banks are offering this previlage which was previously for ‘special members….Banks are coming up with more ways to generate income since lending has been significantly been reduced,thus sliming the profit margins-And overdraft protection,which in layman’s terms,typically transfers money from other accounts or line of credits,when a bank account’s balance becomes a ‘0’, is one of many ways these financial instituitions are targeting ppl who live on paycheck to paycheck(read: IMMIGRANTS)-anyways that’s mumbo jumbo to many folks in here-including ME Mr asxantu,The first thing You should do right now,as You read this, is to find out if u have an option to EXIT out of that plan!@ ,then read the Fine Print in the ORIGINAL offer,(if you still have it-which I doubt)and see if you Your financial instituition AUTOMATICALLY taps in to ur PAYCHECKS(which I think from your explanation seems to be the case).the fine print in most cases,reserves the right not to pay a check- The other option right now is to open anothEr checking account in another BANK,try to separate your paycheck and ur line of credit-they see a stream of cash flowing in and you are sucked into into it, Avoid unneccesary check writing, if you must do then be careful and always ASK and inquire abt FEES and HIDDEN charges!,they are plenty in banks MIND YOU! Anyways,read the rules,read the fine prints,many financial institutions have different RULES and do not be afraid to talk to them, many banks know this is a way of making money and if you show them you know a lil KNOWLGE, they will (might) reconsider and waive off some fees!,Also if you have Not been askd to join the Over draft protection and they just enrolled YOU, you are entitled for compensation(some consumer advocates are working on)---- Anyways, Plan Ahead thats the KEY and always READ THE LONG FINE PRINT, it takes about 5-10 minutes BUT its Worth it!Banks Know that ppl are LAZY and will not read the fine print,and legally they are protected by law once You put ur Farax-xalimo ‘far jinni’ signature on it! I hope that HELPED ADEER!..’Asxantu’..LOOL *LOL* DA
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    Fadeproof farah Clinton HeHeHeHeHe!...the name i put in was FARAH JAMAC!
  7. Originally posted by Ameenah: Macalesh though, as my girl Nakruuma says: eferi dhoog haas dhaay ----HEHEHE! SWEET! Ok another reason for me to hate on ABDULLAH!--err the ABDULLAH govt. Anyways,time and time again,Abdullah..err the Govt, has failed the somali masses by denying them basic refugee benefits! Many occasions,from the Livestock Ban,to Inability to mediate peace agreements and many other instances, the Abdullahs Have shown that they do not care abt the somali --I had issues with this for a while untill i realised,that this is beyond being racist but rather WEAKNESS from the GOVTS... Amomg the weaknesses i have noted: Their inability to SOLVE the Palastenian ISSUE Their Inability to STOP the WAR in IRAQ(diplomatically)to some extenct even supporting the war Their Inability to Establish ISLAMIC Govts and basically the REFUSAL to FORM ISLAMIC Gvts. Their Unwillingness to FREE the UMMAH and supress MODEST islamic SCHOLARS As a result of the examples above and many others that i cannot go thru right now, i have come to the CONCLUSION that ,the ARAB Govts are nothing but a BUNCH of Bedions(sp?),Who By ALLAH's will STRUCK oil in the desert..hence a bunch of QAMIS CLAD ROB DRAGGING Incompetent LEADERS in MODERN ARABIA. This is when i wished the early LEADERS and empires had struck oil! Yea----
  8. NG, i see u took it literally!---Abdullah keeps The palace more clean in the sense that he keeps him in power! As for the plan of attack, i was reffering to the recent revelation that,Prince BANDAR(suprisingly b4 even Collin Powell was informed) was informed abt the WAR and The SAUDI govt OK'd and even allowed the use of SOME airBases to attack "Abdullah"...All that when they werre saying 'No to WAR'----And the The fellow ABDULLAHS in the STREET,said Nothing to this but all they did was DENOUNCE america!..oh well!
  9. Originally posted by NGONGE: quote: Ngonge and EMMY!......fine, I dont hate 'ABDULLAH' in the street, But i HATE the 'ABDULLAH' thats in the PALACES--Fair Nuff? More than fair. You'll probably find that "Abdullah" hates the guys in the palaces too. :rolleyes: ........ I am sure he hates them nuff,to keep the palaces clean and more glamorous--hate nuff,to not say nothing when they agree on a PLAN to attack 'ABDULLAHVILLE'....aah u get my swing!
  10. Originally posted by Libaax-Sankataabte: Was Nicholas Berg an American Spy or a civilian trying to make money? Probably, a question that will never get answered because the CIA never reveals its agents. What is known are these facts: 1. He was Jewish. 2. He crossed illegally into Iraq. 3. He studied Arabic in Israel 4. He was arrested by the Iraqi police for being a spy. 5. He was released with the help of the Americans 6. He had many meeting with the CIA and the FBI .... Libax So its OK to slaughter HIM on camera and SHOUT ALLAHU AKBAR?....I have a suggestion sxb..why dont they go out and grab any american? or better yet, why dont they grab BREMER and do that? am sure it doesnt have anything to do with them being ARMED and Protected and came to FIGHT?...right?..the point is NINKA was HARMLESS Mrembo: Forget anything ELSE,so long as u AGREE it was bad--then i can drink qaxwo wichu! Ngonge--Guess not Bored any more eh?
  11. Ngonge and EMMY!......fine, I dont hate 'ABDULLAH' in the street, But i HATE the 'ABDULLAH' thats in the PALACES--Fair Nuff? Emmy, Pictures are XARAM --so i will beat the crap out of my NEIGHBOR!
  12. Originally posted by Emmy: In addition to that, If the Saudi government stop our Somali Livestock, its unfair to forget about what the Saudi Government did for the Somali nation too. There are many Somali Sheikhs who are stuyding in KSA who come back to Somalia and start teaching their ppl about Islamic Teachings. How many Quraan books that Fahad Complex print every year and goes to the Islamic World including Somalia,Millions of books free of charge not even with one fils. How many mosque and schools are opened with the Help of the Arab Countries. How many charity contributions KSA donate to Somalia. Iam not defending KSA or UAE bcz they are Arabs, but i dont forget the good things the person give me even if they hurted or mistreated me for once. Hate the action but dont hate the nation. ......... Sister,salaam aleykum first and welc! Secondly, it is the duty of every muslim to propagate islam and spread the word of ALLAH !...nothing there for us to be thankfull to the saudis!....having said that,they are indeed doing a good deal of a job teaching muslims. i call it OBLIGATION! However,The situation abt the LIVESTOCK embargo,is a whole new issue...since they refused to lift the embargo even after the disease was eradicated(as said by BEE).... Ngonge,So if i dislike the saudis purely for economic reasons,then am i an ARAB hater?
  13. haseena that was beautiful however.....U started off this way.... [After the recent incident concerning the slaughter of the Jew, Nick Berg, ......... This dude was not a PRISONER ...
  14. ^^^HeHeHEHe! Actually,Qaad + Qarami=Mucho Marqaan
  15. This is what is called QARAMI ...over 50 songs!
  16. PPL PPL! Whats at hand here, is not about killing an american citizen..but more about MODUS OPERANDI of the killers! is not,under any circumstances ISLAMIC!...unless otherwise, you wanna support a MUSLIM because hes a MUSLIM,then you really dont have any case here,PERIOD!...I specificaly OPENED THIS THREAD AD HOC so as to get your responces about the MANNER of the killing!.. as far as i know MOST ULAMAS in the ISLAMIC world have denounced this manner of killing in its entiety!..(as shown by our bro LST)..NOW why ppl are saying because america did this and that, then therefore we as MUSLIMS should KILL anyone,ANY MANNER and ANYWHERE is tottaly ABSURD! tell me what has the KILLING of this poor man,do anything to better the lives of MANY IRAQIS?...who are killed daily by the 10's? NOTTHING!!! .ONE MAN WAS KILLED!...thats IT,did it make the AMERICANS leave IRAQ?,HELL NO!,what i defintly know,is it made the NAME of islam more tarnished,we are now percieved to be BARBARIC,and give the BUSHITES more reason to VENGE WAR on poor MUSLIMS!(and by extension guarantee him a second TERM) This is like an 18 wheeler TRUCK having one FLAT TIRE!,it aint gonna stop the truck from ROLLING! As for the ppl who are saying they replying to this because of my ONELINER AGAINST ARABS...YES I HATE THE ARABS WHO DID THAT KINDA MURDERING IN THE NAME OF ISLAM!....aint no way am gonna love a MUSLIM MAN jst because hes a MUSLIM! If we cant BE SELF CRITICAL and accept OUR wrongs as MUSLIMS, how then are we gonna SUCCEED? Ngong.Meenah,DA .again well said PPL!
  17. Why dont U ask Her Parents?---Am sure they have a SOLUTION -- Mental Note: *Next time Be Nice*
  18. Honesita,Welc Back@..aint seen u like for a YR...i hope the kids + the newly Acquired Farax-are fantastic!!..j/k--been missd! Laakin, You right, i should prolly not be anti arab, I will not be anti arab,so long as they baking Readers Comment from BBC
  19. CARAMEL KISSES: weligey tanoo kale....Tuujiye, usually I like ur replies but that was offensive, rude and way out of order. you leave lucky out of this.....u want my advice? habaarka jooji marka kow, kaftan ma galo, samada mar bey furan tahay. laakiin habaar kululidaa walaalow? ------- Will The Qaxoti CLAN VOTE TUUJIYE out of the clan soon?! I'll Bet My Baaquli of CAMBULO...on Tuujiye being VOTED out --DA,wats ur take?
  20. NGONGE--for an ugly named kid, you are actually half not BAD!--flattery aside lil man, you spit out truth out there!---what ppl fail to undertand is, filtering emotions and reality---delicatly! What does beheading an innocent 26yr kid,solve?--if you ask me NOTHING!, the problems of islam cannot and will not be solved by beheading an innocent american!?...Are you guys rooting for an islamic act,coz it comes from a MUSLIM??? All those mujahids had to do*(yes they are mujahids),was go and qarxis themselves somewhere else!....beheading an innocent 26yr old,flashing his face for the cameras--is caadi by me!--go on be freaking sadistic--i would expect anything from an angry man,very understandable!---laakin,leave the diin out of this!..thats all! Whoever said, 1 american is killed and ..etc---YES its a big deal,when islam is potrayed as a babaric religion,by a barbaric GROUP of PPL!--yes its big issue for me!---THE ISLAM I WAS TAUGHT BY MY one of peace and tolerance!--i dont know what islam YALL is following! wa bilahi towfiq~
  21. You got a suit? suit + white blouse that wat comes to mind...
  22. Thank u haniif!....Kill by ALL means,to revenge,but please do it in a fashionable manner!...beheading a fellow human!?!?!....HEs HUMAN U KNOW...NEEF ARI AH MAAHA! LST...sxbow theres nothing JUSTIFIABLE when it comes to the NAME of ALLAH!..diinta masheegesa waxaas!.... Whatever happend to protecting the NAME of ISLAM?...THE GOOD IMAGE OF ISLAM!...arent we suppose to win ppl here?
  23. skim the emotion out dude! U STILL HAVENT ASNWERED MY Q, AGAIN, U WENT BACK TO THE SAME RHETORIC OF...'THEY DOING THAT,SO WE MUST DO THAT.....', the same anology i said that is messing up the muslim ummah! what does it have to do with wat i said right now? up there in my first line?...all i askd was it right to invoke the name of allah,when murdering someone?.....dont freaking tell me about a godamn war!....they focking behead all they freaking want....but why why in sweet lords name...are they saying ALLAHU AKBAR!...PLEASE DONT GIVE ME THAT LINE ABOUT THE MUSLIM UMMAH THIS AND q,and disgust is very simple..............why are they invoking the name of ALLAH ??...JUSTIFY FOR ME THAT LINE SIR!...AND FOR THE Nth time gonna not give me the other side of the story...!!!!..i am talking about the deen of allah, the one prophet muxamad scw...has taught us!...........................
  24. What does that MORONIC GENERAL KNow abt MY RELIGION? These folks Understand what islam sayS abt stuff like that!(hopefully so) Subxaanlah...this is exactly the probs facing the MUSLIM UMMAH, giving out irrational Anology to justify(or show dispise for america),just so as to be supporting to a cause that in itself in quetion!-- Ppl..listen,we all freaggin know AMERICAN foreign policy is wack....But what does it have to do with the said case above!....Aint it plain HENIOUS and OUTRIGHTLY BABARIC,to behead an innocent MAN? and then MENTION the NAME OF ALLAH?--isnt this defeating the justification that ISLAM is a peaceful religion?,that is so clear in the QURAN and the humble teachings of OUR prophet scw!? Please!