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    Oromo are more inclined to capture Somali territories and eventually access the Somali seas. They have actually been successful in dispossessing lands from Somalis. Many Somali districts were transferred to the Oromo region under dubious circumstances, first under the TPLF and now Oromo Prosperity Party. Of course, all this was facilitated by the so-called Somali leaders beginning with Diridhabe which was declared as a shared city. The same thing is happening in Jigjiga now. It too could one day be a shared city considering the influx of Oromo and Amhara. Since Abiy came to power, Somalis were either violently pushed out or Oromo moved in slowly and laid a claim, A case in point, Moyale which was entirely Somali town. It is now evenly divided, and that's only because the local Somali clans put up stiff resistance. There's a talk of dividing the Somali regional state into three separate states/administrations. Only one region will be purely Somali with Godey as its capital, and the other two states will be predominantly Somali. The Somali State Government is useless. The success of the plan will depend on how Somali clans and their elders react. Amharas and Tigrians are inclined to invade Eritrea, especially Asseb which is primarily an Afar town if given the opportunity and the might. The problem for Abiy, Shimelis (Oromo regional president), and other Oromo leaders is they will eventually find themselves at war with every region in Ethiopia and now their neighbors. Their ambition is not limited to the Somali region. They have been at war with every neighboring region including Afar and Amhara who saved them from the return of the TPLF. Everyone is now realizing what a huge mistake it was to help Abiy and his minions. Abiy will either destroy Ethiopia for good or establish an Oromo empire, nothing in between.
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    The Somali Galbeed are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, they are really suffering and scared the hell of the Ethiopia government, Most of the brave freedom fighters, are wiped out, You can see it from Mustafa Cagjar face If Somali Galbeed becomes ever free, it will be because of the Somalis from the FREE Somali Republic. I had a chat with a few, it is not an exaggeration, they could not understand why Hamas did what they did, I say, this is how you free yourself, take note.
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