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    Hence why Gedo won’t settle as long as those injustices continue, and why neither Jubbaland will be able to excerpt any control beyond Kismayo surroundings. I came across the lists of ministers in Jubbaland it’s really a far cry from the aim that Somalia adopted a federal system, and kinda explains why these states will never become feasible, as they are emulating occupying forces rather as representative bodies. the Irony is that Siyad Barre folks while having more seat in Jubbaland then all the other non-Dar*** together, are still not on board with Jubbaland project and neither does Jubbaland exercise control over their localities. As long as the basis of the representation is based on inequality and inequity, governance and stability won’t materialize. Jubaland leader unveils cabinet dominated by his clan WWW.KEYDMEDIA.NET The leader has been holding power for almost 8 years since the establishment of Jubaland....
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    I think understanding and speaking Maay definitely would help to integrate and settle. And it’s so widely spoken throughout South-Central.
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