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He was given a true gift which every rapper hopes gets handed to them is a tupac verse

this being a rapper who never met tupac

what gives him the right to go diss somebody on that song who is exactly like him ?

i mean he took a pac verse and turned it into a diss at ja.

In my opinion he knocked himself out in this gay beef with ja

ja rule shows more love for pac even jay-z does, ja hangs with suge, ja didnt turn no more pain into a diss

so who is 50 cent to say who pac hates ?????


also i seen somewhere he recorded this while eating chicken?

and was like i got something and that was it,,

is this an effort people who work on pac track should put into it ?

what kind of effort would you put in if someone handed you a pac verse?, i would take so long and put 110% into it. did he do this ? did it sound like he did ?

'until makaveli returns its all eyes on me'

^^how many time did he say this now and in how many songs ?

****en retard is so unoriginal

man i really hope some of you real pac fans feel me on this cuz many have jumped ships from pac to 50



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