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everyone must see this

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some things i told it to do


do pushups


trash the place




rub your stomach and pat your head


sit down




hop on one leg


hop on right leg


hop on left


kneel down




get on your knees


thumbs up


thumbs down


shake your tail


lol ... it's a funny chicken man

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also i just tried


shoot basketball


throw football


play drums








roll over


play dead


watch tv


also try" man your black why you doing this? "(CUZZ HE BLACK)LOL





I'M WIERDED OUT PEOPLE.. LOL i think i will just leave the internet for a while now

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You people are jokers, Caano Geel already posted that, he thinks it's bugerkings ploy to take over the world! By keeping people busy with this virtual Gimp!;f=6;t=003081


check it out!!!


Oh and i asked it to do the following,


>do the moon walk


>die, *instead it played dead!


>lay an egg


>turn off the lights


>strip *it wouldn't do it instead it came up to the screen and waved it's index finger at me!


> have a drink


>watch telly


>do areobics






I still can't figure out how it works, I mean how many commands is there?!

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