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Somaliland: Ten Football coaches will be trained in UK

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Hargeisa (Somalilandpress) – Somaliland Diaspora organization is sending 10 football coaches to UK to learn a three months training course on sports ethics, sports medicine and skilled techniques. At a press conference held by Ahmed Hashi Madar, the sports minister informed the press of this new scholarship coming from Somaliland Diaspore community in UK.


The Minister added that he made contacts with a Somaliland diaspora organization known as “Somaliland Training” and won ten scholarships to send these coaches to UK. Mr. Madar went on to say that he has only been in his post for two months and that he will continue to work hard.


He also told that they have selected the 10 members from the regions of Somaliland, “we have selected these players from the regions of Somaliland. 3 players are from Hargeisa region, 4 players are from Togdheer and Awdal regions, and the remaining three regions have got one player each”


Names & the players Region:


1-Maxamed Maxamuud Maxamed (Diridhaba) Hargeysa

2-Cadnaan Cubayd Guutaalle Hargeysa.

3-Kayse Aadan Baashe Hargeysa.

4- Barkhad Aadan Xirsi Boorame.

5-Xasan Siciid Guulleed Boorame.

6-Maxamuud C/Raxmaan Xasan Berbera.

7-Cali Maxamed Saleebaan Burco.

8-Ibraahim Cabdi Yuusuf Burco.

9-C/risaaq Maxamed Faarax Ceerigaabo.

10-Maxamed Cawil Xasan. Laasscaanood.

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I just hope they don't ask them to learn from Roy Hodgson. :D



PS. JB waxba ha si daalinin meel walba wax halagu soo baro...Northern teams can't compete against Southerners...they will ALWAYS loose to the guys play Kubad while we play Banooni. :D



Peace, Love & Unity.

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