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65 More Somalis Killed in Oromia

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2 hours ago, Tillamook said:


Galbeedi, this silly organization he’s talking about is a creation of the Tigray regime that’s meant to sow discord and confusion amongst the Oromo opposition. 


You are giving too much weight to Tigray. I know they are the most culturally preserved people, but are among the poorest of the poor materially. Mengistu shut them down from getting help and a million of them perished, was only 1984.


If they can leapfrog and make some of us think they are under every nomad tree shed or as westerners say under every bed, then everyone needs to study these people.


You are also giving me too much credit then as a result.


What is so difficult to accept the fact that the Oromo Janjewid leaders are called QERO which in Arabic means Shabab? What is so difficult to accept when facts are presented.


BTW you need to worry less about Tigray and Oromo. Tigray is the only regional state with which the Oromo do not have borders in all of Ethiopia.

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On 1/12/2018 at 11:13 AM, Tillamook said:


Can  you not see the ploy yet, Che?


What you refer to as abdication of responsibility on the part of the Tigray led federal government— to not protect Somali civilians from the Oromo massacres— is a deliberate act choreographed to turn these two  communities against one another.


Our resident Obscurer-in-chief who goes by the pen name Old Observer should resist the temptation to obfuscate the truth about the situation on the ground.


I understand it well.


Old Observer wants us to believe Oromos in the form of OPDO, diaspora, security forces, etc are the ones to blame and TPLF-led government is merely benevolent arbitrator. And somehow the Federal Government is strong to keep Egyptians and Eritreans away and not yet powerful enough to reign in unruly Oromo.


And ensuring the safety of average citizens is hindered by the mechanisms of federalism.

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Somalis won't be sitting ducks. It is our lack of forward thinking and luck of leadership that's putting in these situations.  Somalis do have natural allies and access to weapons and ports. What they lack is organization and good leadership.


Any arrangement between these various parties will be temporary. There's anything that Zenawi ever did for Somalis, it is reawakening of national identities. That will be his lasting legacy

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