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Traitor Hassan Sheikh: on road to end Popular uprising

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Speaking to the reporters on Sunday, Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said the offensive had already moved into a phase that could bring militants’ insurgency to an end, a speech analysts say makes untimely optimism.


“The offensive is progressing in accordance with our military plan that could end Al-Shabab which now stares a military collapse.” Mr. Mohamud said in a speech that largely focused on honoring the fallen ‘heroes’ and emboldening soldiers on the frontline


He distinctly paid tribute to the Ethiopian forces that are parts of the African Union force in Somalia who made the biggest military advances and quickly overran strategic rebel strongholds.


“I am urging the troops to operate in line with the military law to avoid potential dangers arising from military operations.” He added, in an apparent call for troops to avoid collateral damage.


Nevertheless, Mr. Mohamed in conclusion said he sees a hope in which militants’ insurgency could be ended before long.


Even though Al-Shabab has lost most its strongholds, security experts say the group which would unlikely withstand the combined allied forces may draw out a military tactic that could extend its deadly guerilla war life.


“Even though they suffered irreversible huge losses, the group is militarily still intact which could rule out an early conjecture.” said Hashi Abdullahi, a former military general who served under Siad Barre’s regime.




The popular uprising is strong, intact and stays! No traitor can change that fact.



Long live the Popular Uprising by the brave somali people.

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