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Safferz, have you landed yet?

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Ameen. Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the kind messages and duas. I could not find a flight early enough to make it in time for the tacsi, so I decided to stay. I actually bought a ticket to return this Saturday immediately after hearing the news on Wednesday, but had it canceled when I thought about it some more and learned the tacsi would be over on Friday. It's strange to experience loss from such a long distance, without the closure of seeing the body or being able to mourn with your family, it's those things that make death physically real. It still feels unreal to me, to be honest.

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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. Sorry to hear about your loss in sha Allah Allah will give you another gain as he sometimes takes to give. I recently lost my grandma too so I understand how you feel.


The best tip I could give you which helped me alot and returned my inner peace is; understanding death and why it happens, trials and tribulations, and the give and take concept of Allah.


May Allah forgive and have mercy upon your grandma and make it easy for you and your loved ones in this difficult time. Ameen.


Ps an interesting article by Yasmin Mogahed:


Why do people have to leave each other? Part 1


People leave each other. But do they return? Part 2


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