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Hablaaha reer Hargeisa wa Mujahidiin

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Hmmm so I was looking at my photos from Hargeisa in 2012 and I remembered one incident. I took my SD card to a digital print studio in Hargeisa. Next day I went to pick them up and after asking them for it, they loaded up my details and all the photos on their laptop.


The dude who was standing behind the counter said to me: "Walaal wa ku diyaar, ariin kalena wan ku hayna"


I didn't know whether I should be excited or make a run for it. This was my first time back in Hargeisa since leaving as a child at 5-6 years old.


So I took my risk and said: "Haye, maxa soo kordhay, ma lacagti bad igu kordhiiseen oo ducadi ba rabtiin?"


He laughed and said: "Maya walaal lakin farin ba lanugu ka dhiibay"


Aniga: "Haye..."


Photo guy: "Gabadh aya aragtay sawiiradada marka waxay nagu tidhi ilowba ilow ninka iga qada number-kiisa ama hayla so hadlo oo kayga uu qora"


Me: "hahahahahhahahahahaha" I was bit embarrassed coz the studio is full and in Hargeisa there is no such thing as piravacy...they are breathing on my garboo...looking at my photos on the screen...and even some of them join the conversation.


One guy: "Waryahee waxan ku waydiyeey idinku ma haysan inaanta sawiirkeeda? Inanka hala tuuso bila caleek!!"


Me: to myself "WTF...meshani maxay ahed so taan lagu fadhay maha ee suqiba gabadh lagaga so daray maha..."


Right away he downloaded her photos and she was pretty but on the shaxam shaxam side on probably 5-kg qiiyasti.


Marka at this stage it became an issue of how much baggage can I handle. Waxan is idhi ninyahow wadan cusub ba jogta you already dealing with duco-giver, sheikhi, duriyadi oo wada lahed 'Alla alla hogayeey adigo yar ban ku xasusta' just to squeeze few $ out of u, the fake traffic man ee jidka malin kasta ku istaga "inadeer ken ducadi"


so I bailed out and instead went to the ones I knew within our community. The Waran Addes keep it to themselves. The funny thing is half of my photos were taken with a local Suleekha. I'm not sure if she was okay with another gabadh or she just didn't see it.


There is no such thing as privacy in Hargeisa. When you take your photos there the world will see it.

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