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After Brussels, SFG is Expected to Behave as a faction of Somali Stakeholders

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Unfortunately, and thanks to Hassan Sheekh, Brussels Conference made it clear that Somalia is not politically reconciled. Hassan Sheekh's government has been practically demoted to be one of the stakeholders in the country. Another roadmap has been put in place. For that reason expect following for Somalia


1. Political infighting. It already started, Shirdon sensing that he is expendable, is showing more vigor to stay in the game.

2. Jubbaland is expected go its separate ways while Mogadishu political infighting ensues

3. Politicians , Ministers in the federal government are expected to stampede on making rushed statements, propose unfeasible defense and resource sharing policies to show thier relevant as a central authority , which will undermine negotiations with SL, and reconciliation with PL & JL.


4. Puntland and Somaliland are expected to be strengthened diplomatically , which will result in more development money.


5. AMISOM is expected to expand in the south central, making the defact ruler


All of these are nothing but a far reaching manifestation of novice politicians and incompetent leaders at the helm of federal government.

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DFS oo shaacisay inuu waxba kama jiraan yahay dhaman heshiisyadii shidaal baadhista ee maamul goboleedyadu la galeen shirkadaha shisheeye



Dowlada Federaalka Somalia ayaa waxba kama jiraan ku tilmaantay dhamaan heshiisyadii shidaal baadhista ee maamul goboleedyada Somalia la galeen shirkadaha shidaalka baadha.


DFS waxay shaacisay in heshiisyadii ay somaliland iyo Puntaland la galeen shirkada shidaalka uusan waxba kajirin.


‘‘Heshiis kasta iyo qandaraas kasta oo ay bixiyeen maamul goboleedyada xubnaha ka ah dowlada dhexe waa waxba kama jiraan, shirkadaha haysta shatiyada maamul goboleedyada aa inay heshiis cusub la galaan DFS.’’ ayuu yidhi wasiirka khayraadka ee DFS Cabdirisaaq Cumar Maxamed.

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