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Mad Scientist

You Know You're Too Stressed If...

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(1) You can achieve a "Runner's High" by sitting up.


(2) The Sun is too loud.


(3) Trees begin to chase you.


(4) You begin to explore the possibility of setting up an I.V. drip solution of espresso.


(5) You wonder if brewing is really a necessary step for the consumption of coffee.


(6) You can hear mimes.


(7) You say the same sentence over and over again, not realizing that you have said it before.


(8)You believe that if you think hard enough, you can fly.


(9)Things become "Very Clear."


(10) You ask the drive-thru attendant if you can get your order to go.


(11) You begin speaking in a language that only you and Chanelers can understand.


(12)The less sense matter and matter is more than sense.


(13) You and Reality file for divorce.


(14)You can skip without a rope.


(15) It appears that people are speaking to you in binary code.


(16) You have great revelations concerning: Life, the Universe and Everything else, but can't quite find the words for them before the white glow disappears, leaving you more confused than before.


(17)You can travel without moving. Antacid tablets become your sole source of nutrition.


(18)You discover the aesthetic beauty of office supplies.


(19)Losing your mind was okay, but when the voices in your head quieted, it was like losing your best friend.

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Call this Arrogancy or having a Fan



Mad thas real 4 sho,, it happened 2 me once thanx God,, i was in Somalia where the Effects are not largely felt as in Aspen here in Alaska.


Is this ma reflection or its another person :eek: :eek:

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