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Let's go back to the good old days when men were men and women were ribs"


1. She doesn't need to talk to get me a TEA.

2. If she's in the kitchen like she should be, no one can hear her anyway.

3. If she can talk, all she'll do is complain.

4. Because she won't say "I will" instead of "I do."

5. No man wants to hear "first down" during a basketball game.

6. Because PMS is no excuse for whining.

7. No man needs or wants to hear the word "period" unless it has to do with


8. Women created tampon and yeast infection commercials during football.

9. Affirmative action.

10. When men whistle at them in the street, they should just shut up and

obey anyway.

11. If my **** 's in her mouth, she can't talk anyway

13. Feminists.

14. Because that stupid look on her face should not be accompanied by an

equally stupid statement.


16. I don't want to be made to lie and say "I love you" after sex.

17. Highway fatalities would decrease by over 90%.

18. When I sneak out at four in the morning, I don't want to hear anybody

calling me back.

19. "No, I will NOT buy you tampons while I'm at the store"

20. This is my **** . I'm gonna **** you. No more stupid questions.

21. Don't waste your breath, I won't respect you in the morning.

22. Women sportscasters.

23. Women congressman.

24. God forbid, a woman TO BE THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY. (Oops, my bad -- see #66)

25. ......

26. Stupid says as stupid does (and is).

27. Dikes (unless I can jump in the middle).

28. Where does speaking come into "barefoot and pregnant?"

29. Yes that toilet seat was yellow in the first place.

30. TLC and Salt-N-Pepa.

31. I could give a **** if you're pregnant.

32. I don't care if you're in labor. For the love of god, let me sleep.


34. The life expectancy of the average male goes down with every *****y


35. Female drunks are annoying unless they put out (for which they don't

need to talk)

36. We're tired of their "We can't pee standing up" **** .

37. That damn apple.

38. If she can't speak, she can't cry rape.

39. Of course, if she can't speak, she can't say no.

40. HALIMA. Nuff said.

41. RAHMO. Too much said.

42. Honestly, do they really have anything useful to say?

43. Only one set of lips should be moving at a time.

44. If she can't talk, she can't ***** when I forget important dates.

45. There are no speaking parts in pornos anyway.

46. When she talks she's not drinking, it's hard to get her drunk when she


47. Nothing should come out a womans mouth, SWALLOW *****!

48. The Mute button only works on the TV.

49. Whores get payed by the hour not by the word.

51. Equality is for math.

52. The credit card bill speaks for itself.

53. If it hurts, I don't wanna hear it.

55. Chick-flicks.

56. You don't see Victoria's Secret models talking, do you

59. Silence and sex make a great combination.

60. N.O.W.? NO. NOW *****? YES.

61. Intelligent car conversation? Hell no. Her head should never be above

the dashboard.

62. That annoying fat ***** from Snapple.

63. Your mouth is useful in so many other ways.

64. High phone bills really **** .

65. Women should be seen and not heard.

66. Do you think it was BILL Clinton who ****ed up the country?

67. If I want romance, I'll turn on Playboy (hopefully not her).

68. Because they're not men.

69. 69, finally a use for both lips at the same time.

70. If I wanted your opinion, I'd ask for it.

71. Hell, if I wanted your opinion, I'd give it to you.

72. "Where've you been?" Who the **** are you, my mother?

73. Women on radio? You can't see them, do you really want to hear them?

74. Unless the words are "Doctor, can you make these bigger?," shut the ****


75. Big breasts should speak for themselves.




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