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Ms MoOns

Out of curiousity

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True. German sounds like they're always yelling and mad.


@ Apophis, the Dutch and Danish don't really have a common link with each other. We don't know much about each other. The funny thing is that the Dutch usually have negative views of Germans, but other way around the Germans are very fond of the Dutch.


They even like some Dutch tv shows and movies. Some famous Dutch people learn German, host tv shows in Germany and are very popular in Germany.

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Ms MoOns;896361 wrote:
Ik ben 22 geworden schat. En ben helemaal met je eens! Alhoewel ik jonger uitzie dan ik werkelijk ben, ik voel me toch wel altijd ouder dn ik echt ben. Haha, 3 verschillende leeftijden lijkt het wel. Ik heb niks tegen ouder worden. Forever young bestaat niet, en ik groei graag voortdurend.


Studeer je nog?


Wa 'alaykumu salaam

Ja ik zit nog op school.

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