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Shinbir Majabe

PM Abdiweli meets Awdal State of Somalia President Rashid Aw Nur Hersi

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R/Wasaaraha Somalia Dr Cabdiweli Maxamed Gaas aya maanta xafiiskiisa ku qaabilay wafdi uu hogaaminayo Madaxweynaha Awdal state ee Somalia Mudane Rashiid aw Nuur Xersi, kuwaasoo uu kamid ahaa Wasiirka Arrimaha dibadda Awdal state mudane Xasan Riiraash, waxaana goobjoog ka ahaa qaabilaada R/wasaaraha uu u sameeyay wafdiga Awdalstate Masuuliyiin ka tirsan dowladda oo ay kamid yihiin W Dowlaha wasaaradda arrimaha Dibadda xaamid Cali Maasheeye, Diplomaasiyiin iyo madax kale.


R/wasaaraha iyo wafdiga awdalstate ayaa ka wada hadlay sidii loo xoojin lahaa mideynta iyo isu keenidda Dadweynaha Soomaaliyeed.


Sidii Dowladda Federaalka ah ay uga tagaeeri laheyd Maamulka Awdalstate Dhinacyada Dhaqaalaha, Siyaasadda, Amniga iyo Arimaha Bulshada.


Wasiirka Arimaha Dibadda Awdalstate Col.Xasan Riiraash oo wareysi siiyay Shabakadda Awdalnation isagoo ku sugan Muqdisho ayaa sheegay inuu si aad ah uga mahadcelinayo R/wasaaraha qaabilaadda uu u sameeyay wafdiga Awdalstate ee Somaaliya waxa uuna hoosta ka xariiqay Wasiirku inay qorsheynayaan inay kulammo la qaataan Madaxweynaha iyo madaxda kale ee qaranka soomaaliyeed.







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To Whom It May Concern


We will be of organising a party in London that celebrates the establishment of Burco Republic. All we need is the hotel fee, some money for balloons & decorations and lots of barees for the guests we're going to invite. We have made some phone calls and also set up a poll on Facebook. The response has been very favourable and we've already got ten people supporting this project (incidentally, that's the exact number we need to form a government).


We have instructed wasiirka arimaha dibbeda (NORF) to arrange a meeting with the TFG PM to discuss matters of mutual concern and have also sent out letters to all the international bodies informing them that all aid monies should from now on be sent to our Burco Republic accounts.


We have also issued a decree pardoning all Burcaawis working for the Somali & SL governments (including Mr Siilaanyo) and inviting them back to work towards building and improving the livelyhood of their homelands. The pardon is valid for only three weeks.


In addition, we have instructed our constitutional affairs minister to conduct a feasability study as to the best course of action for our newly formed state and the early signs seem to indicate the need to tender our support/loyalty to the highest bidder (but not PL).


Pictures of the party and our imminent meeting with PM Cabdulwali will be circulated to the media as soon as each event is concluded.


Wa billahi al tawfiiq


His royal highness, ameer al mo'meneen, mudane



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Ha idinku taagnaato ... Illaa iyo intee baad isu jiibinaysaan !, Allow Alle.... Somalia is coming back piece by piece, brick by brick ... embrace it.

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