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YO! somali people...since when did being a muslim become optional???

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This is for real, we need to wake up!



You walk around town, you see all kind of people saying they are muslim, their name is abdikarim, mohamed and so forth, you read the newspaper there is almost 80 thousand muslims in this town..masha allah


then you go to the masjid.... less than 2% are there??????


then you say maybe it is the amount of knowledge available, You go to the library, internet, masjids (having lectures) books, cd's, tapes over flowing...


then you go to the masjid....less than 1% are there?????


you say this cant be, are we really those people that the prophet s.c.w talked about. who :


love the makhluuq but forgot the khaaliq (allah)

love the wealth but forgot the xisaab (allah)

love this life but forgot what comes next(death)

and so on


are we?


i think so, cuz we all remember birthdays but simply forget the day of judgement..


this is not a long lecture...this is simply a wake up call from brother in islam, if your eyes are open.


((((may allah guide us in the right path))))

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Masha-Allah brother! you are absulately right on that wake up call. Everything you said above is true, people are totaly migrating away from the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Oh yeah, that is more true if you are looking at today's Muslims from the quranic perspectives.


O Allah, help our people understand the beauty of Islam, and guide them on the correct path. Aamiin.

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kash flow walahi u r right....even though theres so many muslims in the world Allah sw said 1 in 1000ppl will go to the jannah...what are the chances of us being that 1 (the guided 1) if we continue like this?

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