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Sagal, I agree khalid is a great and compelling speaker. I attended one of his lectures (about the cartoons and contributions of the Prophet (saw) to mankind), for the first time last night and found him to be fascinating. His no-nonsense attitude and straight to the point style, coupled with humour gets the message across.


SB has a point, about not getting so wrapped up in a sheik's point of view that we neglect to do the homework ourselves, but at the same time, we shouldn't discredit them. Do ur homework about them as well, disregard those that teach solely thru the lens of their culture and give those that give u facts and hadiths their due respect.

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Salaamu Aleeykum


SB: i really dont believe in arguing with those who dont deserve it, so i simply won't...but i just want to let you know there is a difference between criticism and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism...!! How about you think about the difference and then, think about the words "dump and dumper"...!! And if you must say that i am confused, i will agree with that and tell you that yes i am confused by people like you who make comments that are not based on knowledge...!! And yes, i was not following the constructive criticism with you, i didnt think you deserved it...!!


x_quizit....i agree....a friend of mine and i once argued about whether women can give lectures or not...she said it was absolutely haram for a women's voice to be heard by non mahram no matter what she had to say....thinking that my very religious brother would have the answer i went to him and he agreed with her...!! I went online and searched reliable sources for a reasoning...and i found a fatwa given by Albani rahimahu Allah that agreed with the fact that women can give lectures....i went back to my brother, he was first surprised that I questioned what he said, second he listened to my daleels and then he said “waaw, ajeeeeb, you are rightâ€...!! I felt soooo good about challenging him...not b/c he was wrong but b/c I was able to find an answer myself...!! Moral of the long story is that you dont have to take what anyone tells you....believe me my brother is really quite knowledgable..and i always took the haram and halal from him and never questioned him....even though I knew he made mistakes sometimes b/c he’d come back and tell me sorry you don’t have to do that no more....!! So, how capable is an average Muslim of finding the truth? Very capable in my let us do just that instead of criticizing the wadaads...!! My friend still does not agree with the fact that women can lecture...but i simply me your proof and dont tell me i think..!! Next time a sheikh tells you this is wrong/right, and you find it hard to swallow, ask in a very polite manner for what he is using as a daleel/proof...!!


Fii Amaani'Laah

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