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parting is such sweet sorrow....

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*sniff* *sniff* ... but why?


Tamina, I've known you long before I knew you were on SOL and you're truly one the nicest people I've met online. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. Please keep in touch sis.


Love you loads and will miss ur input on SOL terribly. :(

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OOOH I've always wanted my own GOOD BYE party....Somali style ma istiri..



Don't be sad, I'll with u guys in spirit...I promise :( *Barwaaqo's hysterical crying is damn contagious*


You guys are very sweet....just got lazy to pm most of u ....hence this threat.


Thnks for the gifts everyone :D

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Don't worry guys, she'll join the lurker crew, which I am a leader of smile.gif


on a more serious note just would like to say to Tamina, that I'll miss her InshaALlah.


May Allahs protection be with you ameen.




ps: hurry back the islam section will miss you ;)

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