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101 Hidden tips and tricks Photoshop

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OKai guys here it goes , although I haven't tried all these but it should be fun and good excuse to open up your photoshop and play !!!


1. Press Tab will hide tool bar and palette, Shift+Tab will hide only palette.


2. Hold Shift + click the top blue bar for toolbar and palette will move them to the nearest edge.


3. Double click the top blue bar, on any palette window, to minimize it.


4. Double click the gray background will bring up open file option, Hold Shift+double click will open up the browser.


5. Sick of the default gray background around your image? Select paint bucket, hold shift and click on the gray background, it will change to whatever color you have in your foreground color box.


6. In Photoshop, all “Cancel” buttons in a window can be changed to a “Reset” button by holding Alt.


7. Caps lock will switch your cursor for accuracy.


8. Press F button, it will switch between 3 different screen modes and give you more working area.


9. To draw a straight line, click then move to the end point and hold shift + click.


10. Hold Ctrl will temporary make any tool into move tool until you release Ctrl.


Can't post the rest in one topic so just follow the link for the complete Tutorial

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yeah there are LOADS of free fonts websites but so far I've been using this site for general fonts but try these links straight from my never ending bookmarks

I posted a great read about fonts just yesterday maybe you find it interesting at my blog


..and I am glad you liked the tutorials if you guys have any specific package you interested in just drop me a line and I'll try to hook you up

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