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Rap or Reap

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word up.glad to see brotha still breathin'.

keep bangin'yo.


excuse me fellaz/

let reintroduce me from the best-getters/

yep,bless up on he who fed us/

ramadaan,ama clean dem fouls,hope he let us/

it aint chatroom game/

its a battle school thang/

and am the teacher dunny/

u came back,now dont re-look funny/(funny hunh)

it can get really ugly though/

here we go/

nameless cats i "murked"in battle show/

dont ya know/

i keeps it positive as i be/

you see,still negative dont pass by me/

troubles i made comin' back to me/

more amature,so i choose not to reap(yep)

my dream is to murder 14 po po's/

with no backups,but my baby 44/

2nd to my journey to mekha/

betcha,clean up,am still giving zakah/


you cant tell which i go,so dont bother/

i aint a boat,dont try to steer mi rudders/

i got famileeeez,tryna propare breads n buttaz/

still dont bother,got enemiez tryna backstab me/

backstabs,I bat-slash'em when i see/

and thats real thing my peoples/

reconize these^put the s in da middle/


thats a code.dont try to break it....


stay healthy

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Sheeko sheeko....sheeko xariiiro

whatagwan yoll

maxaa la sheege?

maxaa idin anaa idin daare...LOOL



I hate you so much I'll kill you in afterlife..

I could cut you down to size, an u still wont be half as nice.

I'ma put this ***** on ice, cause Im tha coldest muh*****

and just look at his grammar yo, how old's this muh*****?

hah, "fiiri ninkan? Watch him release the hell in me,

And I can tell that you never got stung by the spelling bee

funny how you give yourself the props you never could get

even with alzheimer's, this a beatin you'll never forget







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verse one:16 months ago.


y'all got shut down loc/

rhyming is what am found of/

different niggaz braggin' fakeness/

nameless,cause they is really harmless/

find me in evvy battle forum/

i die from ya boredom/

when ya hate i go higher than jordan/

i be thinkin' like ahmad used to before/

back in da days when i was young am not a kid anymore/

but sometimes i just wish i was a kid again/

but am doing good so i dont complain/

so i chose a life n so many did it/

tells you how crippin' aint easy in tha city/

slobs know how we ride/

ask'em,committing suicide/

shyt, its all fun and done/

bun fists,blow ya guns/

niggaz gonna get fade tonight/(right)

niggaz gonna get laid tonight/(tight)

am found-a-men-tally teachin' niggaz/

verse two:today..2003

grew up listening snoop still lil nigga/

got my mind bigga,body thicka/

money getta,now am evvybody's hate winner/

aint that a bytch's son/

pop ya heads with 49 you is left with one/

move around look for oxygen/

now i letcha sleep with one/

yall west coast kids yellin' "HELLA YEA"/

watch me pile up/

with more green den roc-a-fella get/


am gonna put this on somaliaonline too.

so holla.

boston in this bia bia..

future blue rocka records money maker.


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Aight.....Let me turn this heat Scar..yea dawg lets do this.....Rapmiss still doing her doubt thats tight ma



Wana Battle Me AGAIN, Oh Shit This Old Man Flatters Me..

Scareface Got As Much Use... As A Dead Battery..

Match Wits With Hurbs, Thinks He Can Flow Like Niagra..

43 yrs old Awoowe.Only Member Of The Site...That Needs

Runs Around Raping Everything In A Bloody Slaughter..

When He's Under The Influence.. Of His Daughter..

Daughters Legs As A Closer, But That Zones Condemned..

I Can't Do That Since... I Already Opened With Them..



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LOOOOOOL...Mohamed aka GodsWords....Nigga I think Its Best if our beef was put on TRIAL....right here ...right now...

Lay the Sh!t on my court....NIgga Plz.


You might be the next Canibus.... that every hood n'gga smoked

I'm hittin' you with so many dope lines, you'd think it's Different Strokes

I'll dump more clips than suicidal editors into your skills

Ali.a get booed off of more stages, than waji-kuusans meals

Sado's so brutal with words, she's prone to Open Mics..

& adams like chockers on fat necks, cause the necklace's to tight

Man.. I'll have your led flappin' like motor-mouth muppets..

& have ya fallin' harder than this season when the heat touches

Dudes puttin' his Dukes up like Coach K's retirement

my pockets's ballin' with more Bills, than a Superbowl enviroment

I'm steady mashin' these ali gimmics like tatter tott origins..

puttin' his brain through more Twist, than Chubby Checker's chorus

Dude.. I never blunder, when spittin' that thunder..

when the ROC reigns son.. you don't wanna stand under

You got more ch'nks in ya armor than Hiroshima's platoon

While rap mistress been beatin' up more tuugoz than Kong-Foo


holla bak...p***y a-z-z fool

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LOOOOL^^^^^^^ i feel you my negga scar


well practice makes perfect they say......i got a my own somali site for doubt check me out


am ruthless admin up there


i cant believe ya'll still doing the damn thang up in here.....props to all ya'll Smokey is alive after i killed em,,,i guess he but he still my boi,.....rapma...stil preachin and teachin keep it up garaabo's......but watch out ama hunt ya'll like waraabo'

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yo whats really good.damn yall make me laugh.

seem like i wasnt the only person who was gone long time.but hey mind ya biz people as I do.


anyways check.


"I see ya words b4 ya say dem/

my weakness,sexy blk girl,but neva pay dem/

any attention/

I got vission through ya project mensions/

state my name with capital dolla sign/

ya beauty blind/

I sneeze pure breezy,its fine/

I rhymes through different cyllables/

verbally stay cautious/

kills more jerms than sickest dish-washes/

and bytches be actin' smart/

all am tryna do is take ya legs apart/

give you vitamin $/

tasty,cant compare me to dem rest/

my song playin' and it goes/

smoke aint got time for hoes/

fuk'em and leave'em my attitude/

washroom,where i let jimmy slide through/

ay ma,i know ya plans/

ya wanna,fuk with me and fuk with my mans/

am like damn/

you be on my dyck like you is my biggest fan/

i understand ya game/

you is like little bit j-lo,little bit beyonce/

neva mind how ya like it,ma I wanted my way/

i like the way you crawl to de bed/

no kissin' or huggin'ma i just want some head/

pain is pleasure/

let it slide,as da size letcha/


ayo..somaliaonline peoples.


whats really good.

that blue and white clique in ya area.

holla black.brrrrrah

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You know...

im proud to see ya seedlin's growin....ya mentallity enhances an' adds up as you constintly postin' ya talentz herre.



I usually wouldn't even allow someone on this site of your diminutive status to be entertained with a battle from me. However.....there are few things I hate about this site more then wannabe thugs tryna promote their garbage *** crews like they some kinda legends. Run shit off and online like my crew did for round 7 years then come and talk to me, nah mean.


So listen up kid.....I'ma put ya in ya place without breaking a sweat. Even though I shouldn't, cause its like giving ya weak *** free publicity. Then when peeps hit up this thread just cause it has mah name in the title.......well you owe me.



12 bars

no bullshit votes

blind verses

first to 5

by now, you should know the rules, if not, leave the site.





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ya jokeass is trippin...take a chill pill mistress..

i just wanna show ya weak *** and ya weak *** people right here exactly how we doin it...namean...

dont get pizzed juzt cuz ya *** is gonna get dealt with....shiatup nabamba....biaaaaaaaa<h


so yo...

spit that? spit what? anything you spit gets sent back

stamped wack, **** it.. yer names plain something to spit at

i'm sick maaann, don't let that fact escape yer mind

build a shrine, I 'clock my wins'.. always 'takin my time'

if not that then takin' a nine, that's german for no

only *****s like you make it possible to actually be a virgin ho

plus I'm a perve and so... you can figure the rest

I'm out here givin guns to grim reapers tryin' ta 'trigger yer death'

and trigger I will.. I just need to shake my safe nature

this aint a battle it's a ****in rape, got me feelin like a LA Laker

any takers? does anybody really believe this nooob?

dumb****.. any hippy caught callin you "Bra" is referrin to ya ______

I'm soon to say **** it, and just stop droppin bombs

**** this battle.. i'm out .. I'm gonna go stomp yer moms


wha now yarey...maxaa sheegte?


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iight then....wacKmasteRfleX....lololol


Khalid and xassan give these two lovers a smart scare…

They wanted to double up, they're 2 gays in a musical chair…

No need to prepare, cause SKILLZ sucks for a username…

Give me the cabitaan, BOTTOMS UP the only reason they have net fame…

Users PC on the back of Mr. Popsicle stick man, ya life's just a joke…

ali yare is to early 2rise yet hard to fall like a dick when ya just woke…

Boxin user into 4 CORNERS since sucks is with him I'll Win SQUARED…

This battle should be televised cause I rise, even if I'm not aired…

ali yare put one in ya leg you'll never step to me correctly…

These 2 are the only ones I no out of a 2 man tag match can place wit a 3…

best bet is duckin me, ull get stuck'n flee

ur not ugly Stick, yarow ur the whole ******* tree

runnin a muck on jeen, mine lines'll make a few mad

cause my writtens always end smoking, like a truth ad

dont make mistakes kid, im here to stop all

i wound up with the upperhand & ur just pitchin softball

stay calm, remain sellin oranges or cuttin lawns

cause ur odds of winning shukz.. are a Million to OnE

****in pawns, ill show u the shit im on, im more with this

i stay in style by leavin Jeans pleadin... for forgiveness


Car igu soo celi...


1 :D

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wat a funny battle


This battle was kinda and kinda not Even...


I've seen rap mistress drop alot nicer shit then this.. I'm Disappointed. A lot of them lines were just thrown Aimlessly. Some hit nicely others I had to read Twice to get.. I was loving the Flow, it really made the Good lines in your verse Stand out... & The Closer was nice too tho..


skillz had some iight punches Like Ice burgh linez. but nothing more.. the other punches were "Eh".. You held back tho... You Treated this like it was a Newbie Battle & you were some Great Renown Vet emcee wasting some time battling a Underling...


But this was not the Case.. Your verse didn't suck but it was Rather Mediocre I could tell you didn't spend any time on this.. you didn't even match Her line for Line..


If you had Youdda won my vote.. But those lines didn't do it for you here foooooooool..


VOTE=rap mistres

juz ma word...pc

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