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When sought I produce accumulated philosophies or scientific learning,

Incapable heads of knowledge feel tha burning,

Mentally, I illuminate ancient scriptures blazin analects,

Im tha wisest gift givin dismantlin ignorance dialects,

Now reflect, spiritual, metaphysical, and teleological,

I heighten ya 3rd eye perspective,

Deep insights of ya minds prospective,

Enhance my power deeper than galactic lengths,

Even a quarter of tha Bible recognize my strength,

Impregnate ya theories just to give birth to Gandhi shifts......


Apogee as Shelter...

Shelter, Providing Residence For Mortal Existence...

While Pessimists, Manipulate Florals For Assistance...

Dress It Up as A Play Thing, But its only Providing A Service...

Even if Its just a Closed Curtain its Fulfilling its Purpose...

A Literal Object, Something to Touch, Taste and Smell...

Its where All Man will Dwell, A cave or a Cell...

Conforming To Rigorous Standards, Theres Vigorous Hand Work...

To Improve the Status of Living, I see Monotonous Plan Quirks...

In Every Home 2 Doors, And Room For Expansion...

Change The Exterior, But Shelter Is NOTHING for Revamping...


O Negative as Justice...

My people don't know what peace is... thats why they carry pieces

And rock tattoos in the memory of deceased kids,

In Afghanistan they droppin leaflets...

It's propaganda... Cause we all know who the real thief is,

The president and his shady cabinet... Caused Enron to collapse and

Prolly usin tax dollars to support his family's drug habits,

It's sad how the things on September 11th went...

But ever since.. it's like shit in my hoods become irrelevant,

My heart saddens cause now gunshots is "natural causes"...

It don't even beat no more... it just naturally pauses,


Jweaks as Equality...

World’s equally challenged looking for complete balance,

Combine human element, the power exceeds valence,

Everyone seems violent, my apology for all mockeries,

Social psychology, masses divided, no equality,

Affects me solemnly, marked hatred passion, scars everlasting,

Gay bashing, missing racial interaction, look to the sky blackened,

The creator is saddened, blame his kids? All made from the same rib,

Constitution forbid, was I written off on the way that we live?,

Souls are hid, internally equivalent, outside appearance isn’t relevant,

My void is evident, I’m equality, logically I’ll free us from hate and



Chimi as Love...

Im a spiritual potion that keeps the life cycle in motion,

Into ya flesh I enter, saved or sinner, on ground or floatin,

Without me, hatred overtakes the human's mindframe rapidly,

Im well-known, very much needed, I blind shame so you can "be",

Birthed into the hearts of those who have opened up and recieved me,

The world would have ended if my warmth hadn't made peeps believe me,

I am the one who makes you forgive the murderers and drug dealers,

I make you remember the past, but look to the future, a tough healer,

Hold on to me, Im unstoppable, like the wind that blows whispers,

Shed no tears, for I am here, Pass me on, For all souls Love delivers,





[This message has been edited by rap_mistress (edited 04-19-2002).]

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Bizzo C as Happiness...

The sun gleaming down, there's a light-breeze//

Can it get better? That thought I can't conceive//

The glory, what-a-relief from the constant-stress//

Enjoying the moment, inhaling a monstrus-breath//

No nonsense-left, feeling definite satisfaction//

Happiness isnt always, I'm not forming attachments//

Laughing, smiling, thoughts shining-with-sparks//

Listening to hip hop music, indentifying-the-art//

An angry-remark? That's an inferior-timedate//

Happiness, truly the superior-mindstate//


Lucifa as Understanding...

If you ever been ****ed over or under-handed,

Come to me cos I'm the jewel of understandin/

I've lived a life of many in twenty one years,

So I can understand the complexity of one's fears/

I don't try I just do ... that's who I am,

I'm real and honest never tried to foo a man/

Tell me your problems and I'll help to sort em,

I'm not here to take ya shit blur and distort em/

I really do wanna listen to what you need to say,

Just confide in me, no need to get on ya knees and pray/

Just know that when you need that shoudler to cry on,

"I'm always here" like in the words from my mom//


Invince as Knowledge...

I'm an Aspirin-youtH trapped between Lies-and-trutH...

Best Left-alonE when ya dont know, what ya Tryna-dO...

A Message-sprunG, travel thru brains into a Second-homE...

Scouts out MouthS, but masterS is Left-in-domeS...

ExperiencE... is like Four-shotS that Bleed-thru-ya-vesT...

More-shockeD when Doors-lockeD... im the Key-to-succesS...

You Need-accesS... a Info-nymphO being Brewed-constantlY...

If its SecretS.. Leave-iT... this is best Used-properlY...

Knowledge is like Deoderant... they Amount-in-our-liveS...

Only thing is... theres no instructions on How-to-applY...



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im sendin shockwaves through your keyboard,you gonna get de-srtoyed,by the bomb that i im-ployed,in ya head,

choke you till ya face turns red,

slice your ass and put you in my blood shed,cause im rip-in this "candy" rapper,like fat kids on hallow-ween,you say you have skills?you havent shown nun that ive seen,

haven you dance-in like a mexican jumpin bean(lol)hit you with theese lines,now you leavin tha scene,now im coming with"disease" lines,

everybody's been laughin when ever they "siezures"

you could hand out"free beer"to your hans and still couldnt,pleaseures(please urs)



rap mistress you wack

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This faggot named skillz think she better than me,

**** around and get bombed, u'll be dead in a week,

Homie u weak!

my first demo tape stronger than ur rhymes,

battle a real nigga, wit a bin laden-type army on my side.

i see u rap, but u lame, u aint gon' never beat dis raid,

but u tar black, and i'm brown, i'll beat u at ur own game,

i spit out a long range,

i spit out, all day,

u spit out, tha song fades,

Dogg u betta obey me!,

hence tha name, in a language,

rarely known, unlike u, u generic!

just tha common, same shit,

quit rhymin, u aint shit, lame *****!

this hoe amina be runnin wit fags,

while i get more pum-pum licks than M&M pieces come in a bag,

shit..faggot got tha nerve to be dissin R.M's raids,

when she know readin my battles'll ruin his vision for days!

i kno..u just a beginner, u just started rappin,

but I'm a pro at this shit.. me featured on a track is wut ur songs've been lackin,

how bout i just, bust, one to ur jaw,

S.S crew, u gon' take this mouthshot, whether u want it or not! cwm40.gif

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naya your light is on...

you sem like a challenge worth tryin'

forget skillz, holl @ me

c'mon now lets rap one on one



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I said lets battle and da bi*ch obeyed,

But soon youll regret it cuz you about to get slayed ,

You must not of heard my flow style is potent ,

But you just sit there dick ridin former opponents(skillz),

Talking bout you get lots of p*ssy eatin' dont lie like that ,

The closest you get to a dick is when you pet your cat ,

While I'm the reason that yo man make you massage his back ,

I stay undercover more than a agent ,

And my bars hit you hard like a Kenyon Martin flagrant ,

You say I cant rap with yo little ***** ass,

I'll spit a verse and leave you shook like people after that plane crash,

Not one person in yo Bin Laden size army could harm me ,

amina and her whole clique'll get bombed with grenades,sprayed,and left wet like they just stood in the rain ,

You got potential but theres one thing you lacking


Till you on my level.....retiring from rapping


(i know who you be, try some1 else)


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rap mistress

did you go to a english class to get those words in your mouth or mind or whatever




are you gonna be singin' the same things at the Jam too


loooooooooooooooooool cwm18.gif


[This message has been edited by naaya (edited 04-19-2002).]

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It's over now,


..Let's end the quarreling now, we should bury-the-hatchet..

..I should get out of the business of embarrassing-faggots..

..You're a little overzealous like racist cops carrying-badges..

..An unruly kid, knew I should've taken those parenting-classes..

..I've got a question, care-if-I-ask-it?..

..You myopic? cause I'd never hit you while you're wearing-your-glasses..

..No? Good! neither was Cigma--here's your shot at sharing-his-gashes..

..Put my foot in your ass, make your rectum very-elastic..

..I was on my way to ripping out your jugular-vein..

..Till' the ******* police and the governor-came..


..goodnight sweetcheeks.

..I just sung you a lullaby.


..better luck next time.. cwm43.gif

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Please let's keep it let's keep foul languages out of this forum...thanks in advance...



"Life is a test.. u either pass or fail"

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You apparantly got writing skills. It's easy to Rhyme (we learned that in elementary school), but the catch is: can you spit all that in a mic? That's where the real talent lies.





Don't get mad..Just my opinion!

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