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The top 10 lies told by graduate students

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The Top Ten Lies Told By Graduate Students

Author: graduate student


1. No really, I'll be out of here in only two more years.

2. My job prospects look really good.

3. The department is giving me so much support.

4. I just have one more book to read and then I'll start


5. I turned down a lot of great job offers to come here.

6. Your latest article was so inspiring.

7. I would never date an undergraduate.

8. My work has a lot of practical importance.

9. I'd be delighted to proofread your book/chapter/article.

10. It doesn't bother me at all that my college roommate is

making $80,000 a year on Wall Street. smile.gif

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Quman hi u doing hope you are doing well anyway how would you know though if you aint a graduate yourself probably you would say the same thing cause no one wants to sound stupid after 8years of school come on now and you know no one makes that much money after graduation damn why would people lie no need to lie I live in canada and i graduated from Electrical Engineering sister and i make $12 an hour can't you imagine but to some people dont want to take that much the reason to it they think just because they got an undergraduate degree so they ought to make $40000 to $50000 not in a way you are right dear.....



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