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Lets remind each other of the benefits of Ramadhan...So we can have the best Ramadhan

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Salamu 3laikum,


Ramadhan Karim to all the brothers and sisters.


Hey why don't we remind ourselves with quoted hadith and Quranic ayaats of the benefits of Ramadhan so we can help each other to become strong in imaan, motivated to do extra sunnah, and follow Fasting as the Prophet and the saaxaba used to follow it and take advantage of Ramadhan Insha Allah.


Here goes my one:


"Yaa ayuha ladiina aamanu kutiba calaykum siyaamu kamaa kutiba cala ladiina min qablikum lacalakum tataquun"


The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "Every good deed of the son of Adam will be multiplied. He will receive ten-fold to seven-hundred-fold reward for a good deed. Allah the Glorious and Majestic has said 'but fasting is exceptional, for it is done for Me and I will give reward for it, since one abandons his passion and food for My sake. There are two occasions of joy for one who fasts, joy when he breaks it and joy when he meets his Lord; and the breath (of an observer of fast) is sweeter to Allah than the fragrance of musk." [Related by AI-Bukhari and Muslim].


Undoubtedly, this great reward will not be for those who only abstain from food and drink, but as the Prophet (pbuh) said, "Whoever does not abandon obscene speech and evil action, Allah does not need his refraining from eating and drinking." [Related by Al-Bukharij. The Prophet (pbuh) also said, Fasting is a shield. When anyone of you is fasting on a day, he should neither indulge in obscene language, nor raise his voice; rather if anyone reviles him or quarrels with him, he should say, 'I am fasting.' [Related by Al-Bukhari and Muslim].


The month of Ramadan is the month of the Qur'an. The Muslim must therefore recite the Qur'an a great deal. The Salaf used to pay particular attention to the Book of Allah, and angel Jibril (Gabriel) used to study the Qur'an with the Prophet (pbuh) during Ramadan. Uthman Ibn Affan used to complete reciting the Qur'an once each day. Some of the Salaf also completed the Quran in their qiyam prayer every three nights. Others completed it every seven days, while some others completed it every ten nights. They used to recite the Qur'an during prayers and at other times. During Ramadan, Al-Shafi'i used to complete reciting the Qur'an sixty times, excluding prayer times. AI-Aswad used to complete reciting the Qur'an every two nights. Qatada regularly completed the Qur'an within seven nights, while during Ramadan, he completed it every three nights, but in the last ten days of Ramadan, he completed it every night. When Ramadan came, Al-Zuhri left studying the hadith and study circles with scholars and he concentrated on reciting the Qur'an from the book (i.e. not from memory).

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salam aleikum.

just like to add to wot hooyo has already said, thx for taking the time out to contribute such an excellent piece, and may allah reward ur humble efforts.


wa aleikum salam

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