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EU Rehabilitates 7 Bridges in Togdheer

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Hargeia(The Rep)- Seven out of ten bridges destroyed during the war for the reclamation of independence were rehabilitated by the European Union at the cost of one million dollars in 5 months.


Seven bridges destroyed in the war between the regime of the former dictator of Somalia, President Mohamed Siad Barre and the Somali National Movement (SNM) which was struggling for the liberation of the former northern regions of Somalia (Somaliland) were officially opened on Wednesday, at a special ceremony held on Qoryale bridge, which is 60km east of Burao.


“The reconstruction and rehabilitation of these bridges between Sheikh and Ainabo on the road linking the port of Berbera going through Burao and Las Anod were destroyed during the 1988-91 war†this was said by Minister of Public Works who spoke at the ceremony.


The Minster also added that the reconstruction of the bridges that cost $ 1,100,000 (One Million one hundred thousand dollars) is part of the EU programme to rehabilitate roads and bridges in Somaliland.


He said, “The 7 bridges were reconstructed within 5 months. There are 3 more bridges to be rehabilitated, before the EU begins the long awaited Berbera Corridor (A road which links the port of Berbera to Wajale village town, on the Ethio-Somaliland border and the Mountainous road linking Berbera and Sheikh - which is between Burao and Berbera)


In a press release here Wednesday by the European Union the rehabilitation of the bridges and roads was described to be essential for the mobility of goods within the country and neighbouring states.


“The rehabilitation program will boost trade, provide employment and reduce poverty†this was stated in the press release by the EU press release.


The celebration was attended by EU representative in Somaliland Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Ahmed-Washington) and Minister of Republic Works Mr. Said Sulub Ahmed.


The EU had been financing road and bridge rehabilitations projects, which were implemented through local construction companies.



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[sulub iyo waftii]



[biriijka Qoryoolay]



[Wasiirka Hawlaha Guud Mr. Sulub oo hadhiga ka jaraaya biriij cusub]



[Mr. Sulub oo dhagax dhigayaa Biriij cusub]









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