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What does Awdal want?

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Adeer Ibtisam, the SNM were a bunch of little hooligans who killed civilians and acted brave. The Nazi party nearly conquered the world thus I don’t understand your point.


You did not answer anything, do you even acknowledge the barbaric act committed by your little clan hooligan outfit in Borama, against the people of Borama?


How was this crime addressed?

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Let me hip you to a little SNM history.


In 1984 Ethiopia's leader bombed four elementary schools in Borama, Awdal. Later in 1992, the SNM invaded Awdal with this same Ethiopian army, on the basis that we were hiding OLF fighters (which was founded later to be untrue). They invaded Awdal with Ethiopians and massacred civilians, killed children, and raped women. You think that conference of 1993 was real reconciliation, we didn't have a strong enough army in Awdal to defeat the Ethiopians, so our signature was strategic. I'm an Awdalite and I tell you that most of us are against Somaliland, we are just keeping quiet b/c we hold the presidency at the moment.


WE don't adhere to the separatist ideology of Somaliland. I understand that the Berbere-Burco-Hargaysa triangle have always colluded with the British, as during the fight against our beloved hero, Sayyid Mohamed Abdilahi Hassan, than later during the colonial administration.


Don't forget that Awdal is the Home of Ahmed Guray and we were, we are, and always be Pan-Somalist!


Listen to our anthem please:

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Originally posted by Somali Castro:

I read this article when it was first published, this was during the parliamentary election. There is a triangle of dominance in Somaliland: Berbera, Burco, & Hargaysa. If you don't lie in this triangle than you are second class citizen. What Awdal wants is fair representation (the same thing that Sool & Sanaag wants), hence why I'm a proponent for Awdal to be semi-autonomous.


The SNM massacred thousands of people for one reason, to bully them into the colonial inspired, separatist entity known as "Somaliland".

You want a better represantation ? ok. Cool with me.


I believe the President of SL is not a second class citizen.



ps. You sound like AT&T. Isug bal aan kusoo ogaadee. :D





Yes the crimes of inter clan warfare was acknowledged. Forgotten and forgiven.


The Siyad Bare regime armed the civilians in Awdal, Eastern Sanaag and Sool to combat their fellow somalis from Hargeisa, Berbera and Burco. These local armed groups commited horrific crimes against my city and its population. Current President Dahir Rayaale Kahin who is also chair of Udub party was a NSS as you constantly remind us here, did you forget? smile.gif he was on the other side. Fuad Adan Cade, Sanaag native and member of Kulmiye party today was armed and dangerous killing many from Ceerigabo clans relating to the traingle.


As Ibtisam already touched on, the 1991 Burco conference was a healing conference to bring together all the sides to stress out their differences. Everyone agreed to put down their guns, the SNM was disengrated and a new inclusive state was born named Somaliland. Logically speaking, If no one forgave or forgotten the inter clan warfare between Somaliland citizens, then Somaliland would not have been possible and certainly a man who was an NSS member and a former spy for the Barre regime would have not been voted before hero Ahmed mahamoud Silaanyo, an SNM chairman. Thus your argument is weak and holds no water in the face of truth.



Qalbi Adeyg,


SNM??? really, you want to talk about the SNM? :D


You guys are getting desperate. May remind you that many of SL soldiers near Gorowe are from Awdal as 'dirta waqooyi' as many of Puntland's clanish sites put it. :D

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