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Just for a laugh

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I found this part of an article on really helarious and thought I had to share it you Nomads.


Sida ay Shabakadda SNN, u shegeen qaar ka mid ah qaban qaabiyayaashii reer Somaliland ee Belgium ee weftiga Madaxweynahah ku soo dhaweeyay magaalada Brussles, Dawladda Ingiriiska ayaa ku wargelisay weftiga oo ku sugnaa magaalada Brussels, ee dalka Belgium in ay ku soo noqdaan magaalada London ee dalka Ingiriiska, “Waxa ay Dawladda Ingiriisku weftiga ku tidhi
War ayaa la idiin hayaa ee soo noqda,
sidaa daraadeed si kedis ah ayay ugu ambabaxeen London”, sidaasi waxa yidhi mid ka mid ah qaban qaabiyayaashii soo dhawaynta Weftiga ee Brussles oo Shabakadda SNN ay la xidhiidhay, haseyeeshee ilahani Shabakadda SNN, u waramay ma caddayn warku nooca uu yahay.

Talk about spicing up your news. Its simple why they returned to London....its cheaper to depart from the same city then changing their itenary. ;)


That was funny. :D:D

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