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help needed from the intellectuals and learned in ISLAM

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This topic is aimed at , for , needed to be replyed from all students teachers of islamic knowledge. WALAYAAL please don't do the 'oh no this is not expected from me to answer' consolation. This site is for nomads by nomads so really as long as you are a sol member(a smart one) you are the target audience madams-moosyee.

First walaal i attend arabic school on saturday mornings then straight after that i go to quraan lessons. OK don't think this is just like any other quraan madrasaa. The macalin may ALLAH reward him has been keeping us constantly on the move on researching topics concerning hadiths of our blessed prophet MUHAMMED, siraadisi iyo dawa.

NOW this is my recent assignment that i was given and it is not so tough as my last but the problem is the sources which iam getting my search are all giving me ranges of different facts.

The topic Qs: Who were the people called ANSAR (helpers) and what were the two major clans called. How many agreements did the prophet make with them and what were they. Furthermore what were the sayings concerning the made by the Prophet(saw).

The first part is ok and i have the answer, but the last two are a bit subtle in the sense that iam not getting complimentary answers. THey deviate in facts

eg In the first Aqabah pledge there were 12 ppl of ansar 2 being women and rest being men.

in the second aqabh pledge occuring following year there were 70 of whom2 were women. Now not all sources agree on this some say more and iam rather mystified.

Ok this might be more like CHEATING but really i am allowed to ask teachers students of knowledge and my assingment is due well aah..tomorrow. :( so fadlan help brothers and sisters in Islam.

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one more request,


I urge all Nomads to answer the questions that they know perfectly from ISLAM...please don't answer questions with your personal opinions in mind..


The prophet s.a.w used to say

"Man kadaba calaya mutacamidan fal yatabawa'a..maqcadahuu minaan naar" meaning anyone who says anything that I didn't say with INTENT(intention)..let him prepare himself in hellfire.


Anyone who can help let us assist our sister. smile.gif

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