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For those who don't pray

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Asalaamu Caleykum.

Hadith of the prophet SAW

The one who disdains the prayers will receive fifteen punishment from Allah.

Six punishment in his lifetime

Three while dying

Three in the grave

And three on the day of judgement.


The six punishments of lifetime:

1. Allah takes away blessing from his age(makes his life misfortunate)

2. Allah does not accept his plea(Du’aa)

3. Allah erases the features of good people from his face.

4. He will be detested by all creatures on the earth

5. Allah does not award him for his good deed

6. He will not be included in the Du’aa of good people


The three punishments while dying:

1. He dies humiliated

2. He dies hungry

3. He dies thirsty, even if he drinks water of all seas, he’ll still be thirsty


The three punishments in the grave:

1. Allah tightens his grave until his chest ribs come over each other

2. Allah pours on him fire with embers

3. Allah sets on him a snake called “the brave”, “the bold” which hits him from morning until afternoon for leaving Fajr prayer, from the afternoon until Asr for leaving Dhuhr prayer and so on. With each strike he sinks 70 yards under the ground.


The three punishments on the day od judgement

1. Allah sends who would accompany him to hell pulling him on the face

2. Allah gives him an angry look that makes the flesh of his face fall down

3. Allah judges him strictly and orders him to be thrown in hell


Those who don’t say their prayers of:

FAJAR: the glow of their face is taken away

ZOHAR: the blessing of their income is taken away

ASAR: the strength of their body is taken away

MAGHRIB: they are not benefitted by their children

ISHA: the peace of their sleep is taken away


Brother and sisters please fear Allah, because we can’t handle his punishments.

Even though, you know this already, I just thought I help and show you the right bath. May Allah give guidance to all of us. Say your prayers before the prayer are said for you.



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Who is the source of this hadith?


Gaalo don't pray and I don't see them suffering at least on earth.

At least in this world, if you compare the gaal and the muslim and look at their quality of life, & level of comfort. The gaal has the better deal.

And please don't nobody jump at me, I am just stating the fact.


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Asalaamu Calaykum Wr Wb,


Jazaakum Allahu khayran commonsense for your efforts, but unfortunately this hadith is daciif (unauthentic). However, this does not take anything away from the point of this thread, there are indeed grave punishments for those who leave the prayer, for the blessed prophet s.a.w did say something to the extent of the difference between belief (iman) and kufr is the salat.



Muslimah, there (gaalo) suffering is coming in the hereafter. Would you rather suffer now or later when the punishment is the hell fire? A believer encounters trial after trial in this world and is rewarded greatly in the hereafter for his/her patience.So having said that have patience, Inshallah we (the muslims) will come out of this sad stage of our history.


w/salaam wr wb


[This message has been edited by Rahiima_as-Somaali (edited 04-09-2002).]

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